Client Rights and Responsibilities

The information on this page is to help you understand what you can expect while using our services. We encourage you to read it carefully and discuss any concerns you have with your Career Educator.


Counseling sessions are 50 minutes in length. If for any reason you are late, the session will have to end at the regular time. If you must cancel an appointment, please do so as soon as possible so that your time may be available for others. Notify the receptionist at 962-6761 and s/he will help you reschedule. The receptionist at the front desk makes all appointments.


Your Career Educator may ask you to do research, reading, Internet exploration, occupational interviews or other tasks outside of sessions to help you attain your goals more quickly.


The counseling relationship is confidential, which means your Career Educator will not give out any information about you or any information you disclose in a counseling session without your written consent. There are limits to confidentiality which include:

  1. If there is a clear and imminent danger that you may harm yourself or others, your Career Educator must inform appropriate individuals.
  2. If a record is court ordered by a proper legal authority, your Career Educator must submit that record.
  3. If there is suspected or confirmed child abuse of children or vulnerable adults, your Career Educator must report it to appropriate state agencies.
  4. If you are minor and not considered emancipated (living away from home and supporting yourself), your Career Educator may be obligated to share some information about you with your parent(s) or legal guardian. You will be informed about all such disclosures.
  5. If you describe sexual exploitation by a previous therapist, your Career Educator must report the therapist to the appropriate authorities.
  6. The counseling staff consults with each other regularly on clients.
  7. You may see all records about yourself if you wish. However, it is seldom beneficial during the counseling process.


Counseling services are provided free of charge. Vocational assessment or psychological testing may be recommended in some cases. Available tests and current fees.

Background and Experience

It is your right to know the education and background of your Career Educator. The Career Development Center staff is composed of individuals with masters degrees from several different disciplines. They consult with a licensed psychologist about their client caseload once each month. We also have qualified interns completing doctoral and masters degrees in counseling or clinical psychology under our supervision.


If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the service you are receiving, please discuss this with the director of the Career Development Center.

Crisis Referral Information

Crisis situations do occur from time to time. You may contact your Career Educator during regular business hours or UST Safety and Security at (651) 962-5555. If no one is available we encourage you to contact the following crisis center: Crisis Connection (24 hour) (612) 379-6363

Our Commitment and Addressing Your Questions/Concerns

We are committed to providing ethical, respectful, and competent career development services regardless of race, religion, ethnic background, gender, affectional /sexual orientation or disability. You can expect that we will provide high quality professional service.

If you have questions or concerns about these rights and responsibilities or any other topic, please discuss them with your Career Educator. Thank you.