Overview of On-Campus Interviewing

Typical Employers and Opportunities

On-Campus Interviewing is one of the many job and internship search tools available to students. Internships and entry-level jobs available through On-Campus Interviewing are typically within large corporations and organizations.

The majority of companies participating advertise business-related jobs and internships. Most positions are related to the following career fields: finance, marketing/sales, actuary, management, and accounting In addition, we may see information technology, human resources or engineering opportunities.

You may want to view the list of sample companies and current positions before making a decision to participate in On-Campus Interviewing. Realize that the current list of employers is always changing and that On-Campus Interviewing does not slow down until about a month before the end of a semester.

How it Works

After you attend an orientation session you will be given access to On-Campus Interviewing within TommieCareers, the the web-based system used to manage On-Campus Interviewing.

After logging into TommieCareers you will be able to browse current postings and upload a resume to apply for positions that interest you. The application process, as well as interview scheduling, is handled through TommieCareers. You will receive an email notification if you are accepted and need to sign up for a time slot, or declined. Your application status and interview schedule may be checked at any time by logging in to TommieCareers.

A Few Things to Note:

  • All interviews take place in the Career Development Center on the St. Paul Campus.
  • It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the many services to help you prepare for interviews such as:
  • When you arrive for your interview you should come prepared and in appropriate dress.
  • At the end of an interview you should find out the next step in the interviewing process (second rounds, paperwork, etc.).