On-Campus Interviewing

The On-Campus Interviewing (OCI) program brings various employers to campus to hire a Tommie during the Fall and the Spring Semester. It is an excellent opportunity for students to secure an internship or a full time job offer.

Some interviews take place in the Career Development Center on the St. Paul Campus, and some interviews will be held virtually, with the employer sending selected candidates links to their virtual meetings.

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Employers conduct on-campus first-round interviews for summer internships and full-time jobs. All interviews take place at the Career Development Center suite, MHC 123.

  • This program runs during both Fall and Spring Semester with the majority of interviews taking place in the Fall semester.
    • Fall - Late September to Early November
    • Spring - Late February to Early April
  • Students selected for on-campus interviews may be identified as finalist candidates and invited to final rounds of interviews at the company site.
  • Summer Internships  - All internships are paid. Accounting students will find busy season (tax season : January – April) internships here.
  • Full-Time Jobs - These are available for graduating Seniors.
  • Applicants must be on track to obtain an undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) from the University of St. Thomas.
  • Most internships require Junior class standing at the time of the internship.  Many employers will allow Sophomores to apply.  If graduating the December after the summer, Seniors may be eligible for some internships, as well.
  • Employers with IT-related internships and jobs will be open to M.S. students in our Software Engineering Program.
  • Some employers have minimum GPA standards to qualify for an interview; specifics will be noted within position descriptions.

1. Interest in working for a larger corporation

2. Identify Careers and/or Industries of Interest - The Career Development Center offers individual appointments to help students.

3. Prepare a Resume - We can help!  Please make use of online resources and attend a resume workshop.  Make sure that you have it reviewed by Career staff before you submit it!