iPlan - Sophomore Year

iPlan is a second-year set of goals and supporting activities geared toward students interested in maximizing their career experience while at St. Thomas. The primary focus of iPlan is to start developing individual career identity and aims to assist students in making the initial steps in this process. The following steps will aid in your exploration of potential majors, begin to develop your resume, gain experience and help in your ability to network.

1. Explore major/career possibilities and learn about occupations

2. Learn about opportunities which will enhance your resume and will help you gain valuable work-related skills

  • Participate in on-campus organizations to gain valuable work-related skills
  • Consider studying abroad for a semester, January term or summer

3. Investigate Internships

4. Begin to develop your resume and cover letter

  • Set up an individual appointment with a career counselor to start working on your resume and/or cover letter, ask questions or critique what you already have
  • Attend Career Development Center workshops

5. Begin to build a personal career network

  • Informational interviews (keep a file of contact information including - but not limited to: name, phone, email, company, picture etc.)
  • Maximize everyday connections with friends, roommates, classmates, parents, work-relations etc.
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and join our group, ASK - Alumni Sharing Knowledge
  • Conduct informational interviews