Career Development Center Appointment Request Form

Please follow the steps below to schedule an inidividual appointment with a Career Educator.  The appointment time is 30 minutes for most topics. Major Exploration and Mock Interview appointments are 60 minutes. 

The counseling relationship is confidential, which means your counselor will not give out any information about you or any information you disclose in a counseling session without your consent. However, the record of your visit will be accessible to other departments within the university for data collection, research and reporting purposes. There are limits to confidentiality which include:

a. If there is a clear and imminent danger that you may harm yourself or others, your counselor must inform appropriate individuals.

b. If a record is court ordered by a proper legal authority, your counselor must submit that record.

c. If there is suspected or confirmed child abuse of children or vulnerable adults, your counselor must report it to appropriate state agencies.

d. If you are minor and not considered emancipated (living away from home and supporting yourself), your counselor may be obligated to share some information about you with your parent(s) or legal guardian. You will be informed about all such disclosures.

e. If you describe sexual exploitation by a previous therapist, your counselor must report the therapist to the appropriate authorities.

f. The counseling staff consults with each other regularly on clients.

g. You may see all records about yourself if you wish. However, it is seldom beneficial during the counseling process.