iFocus - Junior Year

iFocus is a third-year set of goals and supporting activities geared toward students interested in maximizing their career experience while at St. Thomas.  The primary emphasis of iFocus aims to assist students in beginning to work towards their individual career goals.  The following steps will enhance a student's job search skills, aid in gaining career related experience, and help in their ability to network. 

Build job search skills

  • Meet with a career counselor for help with job search, resume, cover letter, and career guidance.
  • Schedule a Mock Interview, practice your interviewing skills with a career counselor and get valuable suggestions and feedback.
  • Register with Tommie Careers and fill in your profile if you haven’t done so already.
  • Explore Tommie Careers for employment opportunities and resources.
  • Gather information about your target jobs and employers. Be informed to make better decisions.
  • Participate in On-Campus Interviewing by checking out options offered through OCI.
  • Attend Career Development Center seminars and events.
  • Connect with employers at career fairs including the Minnesota Private College's Career Fair in February. This is an excellent opportunity for juniors and seniors to network with employers and find internships and full time employment.

Gain career related experience

  • Gain relevant experience though internships, volunteer positions , research, or related work.
  • Learn about occupations as they relate to your major or interests.
  • Identify professional associations related to career interests.
  • Participate in job shadowing and/or volunteer and community service opportunities.
  • Maximize involvement with campus clubs and organizations to further develop leadership skills.
  • Actively participate to gain skills that employers look for: leadership skills, communication skills, teamwork skills, etc.
  • Research graduate/professional school possibilities. Is it the right path for you? Speak with a career counselor to discuss grad school alternatives. Find out about application requirements, deadlines, admission tests, grad school resumes, and much more.

Networking essentials

  • Line up relationships with those professors and supervisors from which you want to obtain recommendations.
  • Develop a LinkedIn profile, and have it critiqued by Career Development Center staff.
  • Continue informational interviewing and expanding your network. Use LinkedIn to make a connection.
  • If you have not joined our ASK LinkedIn group do so now as it is a valuable resource to connect with UST alumni!