On-Campus Interviewing for Employers

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How to schedule an On-Campus Interview with undergraduates

Note: Only positions requiring a minimum of a Bachelor's degree are eligible for recruiting through the On-Campus Interviewing Program.

  1. Contact our Employer Engagement Associate Director Jennifer Rogers for information and to schedule a date.
  2. We will ask about the position titles for which you are recruiting.
  3. You will need to set up an account in Handshake to manage your postings, applicant resumes, schedules and decisions.

Tips to streamline your on-campus college recruiting

  1. Please read carefully the instructions sent with your On-Campus Interview confirmation email.
  2. Please be complete and detailed when submitting a description of your position. See Writing a Position Description for information on items to include.
  3. Include a profile about your organization within your Handshake account and within the job description.
  4. Most employers choose to Receive Auto-Generated Resume Packets at end of the application period.
  5. Please respect pre-select deadlines; we want students to have adequate time to prepare for their interviews with you.
  6. If you select less than a full schedule of interviewees (fewer than 12 students with 30-minute interviews) or if you need to add a schedule, contact Ipshita Chakrabarty at the University of St. Thomas Career Development Center before selecting students in Handshake.
  7. Give the following to the interviewer coming to campus:
    1. Copy of the job description posted on Handshake
    2. Directions (emailed to contact person 1-2 weeks in advance of interview date)
    3. Copy of the interview schedule (print from Handshake)
    4. Student resumes (print from Handshake)