About Us

The University of St. Thomas Career Development Center serves undergraduate students and alumni and non-Law and non-Business graduate students and alumni.

If you have questions regarding career development or job search, feel free to contact us.


The Career Development Center provides state of the art, quality career education to University of St. Thomas students and community. By providing expertise, resources and support, we facilitate student learning in the areas of self-knowledge, world of work information, job search skills and career decision-making. We value the uniqueness of each individual and trust their ability to choose rewarding vocational and career paths.

Client Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to addressing questions and concerns about the career counseling process and have posted our Client Rights and Responsibilities on our site.

Theory and Practice

A growing number of individuals, career development professionals and corporate managers recognize the value of an active approach to choosing and developing a career. At the Career Development Center, we use our Career Development Model as an approach to developing the client as a whole.