How to get a replacement card

If your card was lost, stolen, or it's been damaged and no longer works, you can stop by the Tommie Card Office to get a replacement card.


1st Student Tommie Card $0 n/a
Replacement Student Tommie Card $30 Charge student account
1st Faculty / Staff Tommie Card $0 n/a
Replacement Faculty / Staff Tommie Card $30 Credit Card or eXpress
Courtesy Card $30 Credit Card
AARC Alumni Membership Card $15 Credit Card
AARC Community Membership Card $15 Credit Card

Students will receive a charge on their student tuition account.

As of August 2020, Faculty and Staff are required to pay for any replacement cards. Faculty and Staff can pay for their IDs with a credit or debit card or with eXpress. Payment must be received before the card is printed.

Courtesy Cards can be paid for by the hosting department (via departmental charge) or by the individual with a credit or debit card. If the department is paying for the card, they must send an email to the Card Office with the individual's name and ID number and the index code. We must have the email or the payment before the card is printed.

The price of a replacement AARC Alumni Card, AARC Community Card, Minneapolis Neighborhood Group Card or any Parking Card is $15.00 because these cards are not smart cards.

If your card no longer works, due to normal wear-and-tear, you will receive a replacement card for free. Normal wear-and-tear occurs when the magstripe starts to wear out or stops working, the chip stops working or the lamination starts to peel at the edges due to extended use. You are required to bring the defective card into the Card Office in order to get the free replacement.

*NOTE:  If your card has any type of a hole punched in it for any reason, you will be charged for a replacement.


Stolen Card

If your card was stolen, the replacement fee will be waived only IF you bring in a copy of the police report or a police department business card with the case number on it. It is acceptable to show us the email on your cellphone if you don't have a paper copy.

We must have this report before you receive the card or you will be charged for it. There are no refunds, if you come in later with the police report.



Make sure you have looked everywhere BEFORE you come in for a replacement card. Once the card has been printed, you will be billed for it. If you find your card after receiving a replacement card, there are NO REFUNDS.


Reactivate an old card

Once the new card is printed, the old card is automatically deactivated. If you find your old card, either throw it away or put it somewhere safe so you don't accidentally try to use it. (Since it's no longer active) The majority of students who come in thinking their card has stopped working, are actually using an old, inactive card.  This is the main reason we suggest taking a new photo whenever you get a replacement card - so you can tell them apart. 

If you save the old card, and you end up losing the new card, you can bring in the old card and we will reactivate it for FREE.  You will need to bring the old card to the Card Office to get reactivated.


All Tommie Cards, new or replacements, must be picked up in person by the account holder. The Card Office does not mail out ANY cards.