New Students (undergraduate, graduate)

Starting July 2020, photos for new Tommie Cards must be submitted online. See the Online Photo Submission page for more information including directions and photo requirements. You can submit a photo online ONLY if you've never had a photo in our system. If you've had a photo in the system before (returning student, past employee etc), you'll need to have a new photo taken at the Card Office.

Incoming freshman attending an Orientation Session will signup for a time to pickup their Tommie Card and enroll in WaveID on the day of their orientation. (either before or after their session).

Outside of Orientation Sessions, registered students may pick up their Tommie Card by visiting the Tommie Card Office in St. Paul (ASC 253) or its satellite location in Minneapolis (TMH 1st floor) no sooner than two weeks before the beginning of the semester. For new students, graduate or undergraduate, starting in the 2021 fall semester, you can pick up your Tommie Card anytime after August 23, 2021.

A government-issued photo ID, such as a Driver's License, State ID, or passport, is required to pick up your Tommie Card.

There is no charge for your first Tommie Card.

Replacement Tommie Cards are $30.00, which is charged to your student tuition account. Please see the Replacement Card page for more details.

All Tommie Cards, new or replacements, must be picked up in person by the account holder. The Card Office does not mail out any cards.