Tommie Card ID Photo Requirements

Submitting the Perfect Picture for your Tommie Card - Do's & Don'ts

DO follow the requirements if you want your photo approved. If you DON'T, your photo will be rejected.


  • Solid, light-colored background
  • Recent photo with good lighting
  • Photo of head & shoulders with face centered in photo
  • Entire face is visible, facing the camera



 Approved ID photo 1

 Approved ID photo 2




Use a solid light-colored background

  • Your background should be plain with no textures, patterns, objects, or other people, pets, or animals etc. (preferably white or light gray)
  • No brick walls, paneled doors, car interiors, landscapes, wood, etc.

Tip: you can use a sheet or large poster board as a background


 Rejected ID photo-background 03

 Rejected ID photo-background 1


Photo must be recent

  • Photo must be taken within the last 3 months to reflect your current appearance
  • You may take a new photo at the time of submission or choose one from your cell phone or computer
  • No professional photos, senior portraits or school photos


 Rejected ID photo-professional 01

 Rejected ID photo-professional 03


Choose a location that highlights both sides of your face evenly

  • Take your photo where there is good lighting and use your flash when needed
  • Photo cannot be over- or underexposed
  • Avoid lighting that casts a shadow on one side of your face or the wall behind you
  • No red eye (if using a flash)


 Rejected ID photo-too bright

 Rejected ID photo-backlight


Face the camera head-on

  • Your shoulders and face must be pointed squarely at the camera
  • Make sure you are holding your phone straight out in front of you, not angled up or looking down at you, or even better - have someone else take a photo of you!
  • Don’t tilt or turn your head to one side or looking over your shoulder
  • No profile shots
Rejected ID photo-angle 01  Rejected ID photo-over shoulder 01 


Make sure you are centered in the photo

  • Leave space around the sides of your face and above your head
  • Don’t crop the top of your head or hair out of the photo
  • Photo must be taken vertically, not horizontally (landscape)
  • No other objects (including hands) can be in the photo


 Rejected ID photo-crop 01

 Rejected ID photo-closeup 01


Head & shoulders

  • No full-body shots or close-ups
  • Photos must include the top of your shoulders
  • Photo should resemble a passport or driver’s license photo
  • No strapless tops (or you’ll appear topless) or shirtless photos


 Rejected ID photo-full length

 Rejected ID photo-sleeveless


Adjust your hair and clothing so your entire face is visible

  • No hats, sunglasses, scarves, headphones, wide headbands, or any other objects can be worn or seen in the photo
  • If you wear glasses, ensure there is no reflection and the frames do not obstruct your eyes
  • Religious headwear is allowed, but must not cover your face.


 Rejected ID photo-sunglasses 01

 Rejected ID photo-hat


Look at the camera

  • You need to look directly at the camera, not off to one side
  • You must have a natural facial expression
  • No frowns or funny faces
  • Feel free to smile!



 Rejected ID photo-look away 01

 Rejected ID photo-frown


Photo Quality

  • Photos must be good quality and in focus, not grainy or blurry
  • Photos must be normal in color, no black & white, sepia, or other colored filters
  • No social media filters (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) or Portrait Mode
  • Photo must not have the appearance of being edited (Photoshop, Facetune, Perfect365 etc.)
  • Original photos only; no photos of photos, your monitor, copies, or scans


 Rejected ID photo-black and white 01

 Rejected ID photo-filter 03

The Tommie Card Office reserves the right to refuse any photo that does not meet the requirements or follows the guidelines.

You will be notified by email when your photo is accepted or rejected. If it was rejected, the email will include the reason and you will be able to submit a new photo.

If you have any difficulty submitting your photo, please contact us at or call 651-962-6072