Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eXpress Account?

The eXpress Account is a declining balance account available to currently registered students, faculty, and staff for use at on-campus and select off-campus locations.  See the eXpress Account webpage for more information.

Where can I use eXpress Account funds?

The eXpress Account can be used at any Dining Services location (for students with Flex Dollars, your Flex Dollars will be used first), UST Bookstores, Tommie Central, the Tommie Shop, Summit Marketplace and select vending machines.  Several off-campus vendors also accept eXpress funds, including (but not limited to), Black Coffee & Waffle Bar, Chipotle, Coffee Bene, CVS, Davanni's, Erbert & Gerberts, The Glow Lounge, Greenmill, Groveland Barbershop, Groveland Tap, Highland Grill, The Italian Pie Shoppe, Jamba Juice, Noodles & Company, Pieology, Plum's, Quixotic, Snuffy's Malt Shop, Stewart's, Sweet Peas, Toppers & Widmer's.  See the eXpress Account webpage for more information.

Where do I get my ID card?

Incoming students attending an Orientation Session will obtain their UST Tommie ID card at some point during their session.

Outside of Orientation sessions, registered students can obtain a Tommie ID Card by visiting the Card Office in St. Paul, or its satellite location in Minneapolis.  A government issued photo ID, such as a Driver's License, State ID, or passport, will be required to sit for the photo and obtain the ID card.

What do I do if I lose my card?

If your Tommie Card is lost or stolen, immediately report the loss to the St. Paul Tommie Card Office (651-962-6069), and/or to Public Safety (651-962-5100).  The card will be deactivated to prevent unauthorized use.  There is a $25 charge for replacement cards.

What if my card stops working?

Call or stop by the St. Paul Tommie Card Office (651-962-6069) for assistance in finding the issue with your current Tommie Card.  There is no charge for replacement cards if the issue is related to wear and tear during the normal course of use.  The old card MUST be returned to receive a new card at no charge.

*if you punch holes in your Tommie Card & it stops working, you WILL be charged a $25 replacement fee

Is my Tommie ID card also my meal plan card?

Yes.  The multi-functional Tommie Card also serves as the meal plan card. UST offers several meal plans to both residents and commuters; there are block or declining meal plans which are combined with flex dollar allowances.  Meal plan participants are welcome to use their board meals at the View (Anderson Student Center), the Binz (South Campus), or Food for Thought (Minneapolis campus).  Flex dollars are for use in any food service location and are not valid anywhere else on-campus or off-campus.  Both meals and Flex dollars must be used by the end of the semester and do not carry over into the next semester.  For more information on meal plans and dining services, visit

What is the difference between flex dollars and eXpress dollars?

Flex dollars are attached to meal plans and can only be used to purchase food items at The View, T's, Binz, Food for Thought, Beakers Coffee Cart, Brady Coffee Cart, Summit Market Place, Pit Stop, Scooter's, and The Loft. Flex dollars expire at the end of the semester and any remaining balance is forfeited. (Most students check their balances the last month of the semester and spend accordingly). If you run out of flex dollars there is no way to purchase more.  More information on resident and non-resident meal plans can be found on the food services web page at:

Express dollars are attached to the eXpress Account and are similar to prepaid debit cards. Deposits can be made through the GET Funds System by credit card, a charge to the student tuition account (for students), or payroll deduction (for employees). Credit card deposits over $50 or payroll deduction deposits will receive a bonus at the time of the deposit.

Express dollars can be used to purchase a variety of goods and services at both on-campus and off-campus merchants. Express dollars do not expire at the end of the semester.

Can a student be denied the Bill Me option to their express account?

The University reserves the right to inactivate the Bill Me option or the use of the eXpress account at any time for any reason.