Campus Store Ordering

Use the links in this section to access the sites for ordering textbooks at your respective campus, and other St. Thomas approved merchandise.

Your order confirmation total may show as a pending charge on your account.  This is pending only, and not a final charge.  You will receive email with the final total charge and shipping information if shipped.

If you do not see your specific section for a class (theology, languages, sciences, maths), scroll down and look for your course number with section "ALL".  This will be your list of course materials.  If you do not see your course listed at all, we have not received information from your instructor as to what materials are required for your class.  Please check Blackboard or contact your instructor for information.

Rental texts are due back by the last day of finals.  Reminder emails are sent near the end of the semester to the email address listed on your online order or associated with your student account, so check your junk mail in the event that you have set your account to redirect this type of email.  This email will list each rental and fee that will be charged for non-return.  Late attempts to return rentals, or once the fee appears on your statement, are not accepted as we are required to ship texts back by a certain date.