Merchandise and Other Questions

In our stores, we carry a large variety of clothing and gift items along with cards, and other supplies. We hope you will be satisfied with your purchase or gift.   We have tried to answer some of those common questions below.  If you have any other questions or concerns about any items you have purchased or received, please contact us.

I received this as a gift. Can I return it?

Yes, you can return it.  Our return policy for clothing and gift items is 30 days from purchase.  If it is possible, have the original receipt with you.  If you received a Gift Receipt, bring that.  If you do not have any kind of receipt, we will return to you the price of the item, less whatever our greatest discount was at a sale.

The item I have is the wrong size. Can I exchange it?

Yes, you may.  Please bring your receipt with you just as if you were returning the item.  You will want to visit the location where the purchase was made as there are items that are specific to that store.  We do have items that are carried at all three locations, just not everything.  Also, you may have a piece that was available at the time of purchase, and we are now out of stock of that item.

I don't have my receipt. Now what happens if I need to return?

In this case, we will return your item and you will receive a gift card for the return amount.  The refunded amount will be the price on the tag, less probably 20%.  This is the amount off at many of our sales, and we have no idea when this was purchased.

I'd like to order this diploma frame. You say you don't have it in stock. How does drop shipping work?

We try to keep a supply of each of the frames in stock.  In St Paul, we will carry bachelor frames.  In Minneapolis, you will find masters and law frames.  If, for some reason we are out of a frame, we can have it shipped directly from the manufacturer to you.  This saves time as it ships once, instead of twice.  This takes two to three weeks, and is not a different time frame if you were to have us ship it to you from our stores after having it shipped to us. 

I am looking for a specific item. Where do I go to get it?

This depends on the item.  If it is something for a graduate or law student, you will want to visit our Minneapolis Campus Store.  If you have seen it before on our St Paul campus, check first at the Tommie Shop.  They have the largest display of items.  If they don't have it, they will call the St Paul Campus Store to check for availablilty. We will all do our best to provide you with the item or items you are looking for.

I see the item I would like to order, but I don't see the size I need. Why?

We do our best to make sure that what we have in stock at the time is available to you online.  If you do not see the size you want, we are currently out of stock on that size.  Most times, we will have another shipment coming in the near future.  Other times, we are carrying that particular item for only a short period of time. and have run out of a size.

I will be coming to the St Paul Campus Store. Do you have a full size range of clothing available?

At the St Paul Campus Store, we carry a less extensive stock of clothing.  What we have out is a full representation of available sizes at this location.  As you are on the St Paul campus, we suggest you also visit the Tommie Shop located in the Anderson Student Center.  Please stop in the any of our stores for a variety of options as there are selections of different items at each location.

Do you carry bus passes?

Yes, we do carry passes in our Campus Stores.  Both the Minneapolis and St Paul Campus Stores carry the 10 ride card for $18.50, and a $20.00 stored value card, which allows you to add funds online at any time.  This way, you will always have the full fare available.  

If you are looking for the semester passes, these are handled by Transportation and Parking Services.  Their office is just down the hall from us in the lower level of Murray-Herrick.  Check here for more information on semester passes

For any other types of bus passes, check the Metro Transit site for other authorized dealers.  They will carry a larger selection for you to choose from.

Do you carry phone cards?

We no longer carry any type of phone card.  We suggest the websites keku.com or or for your phone needs.  This is are sites used by many universities and you may add funds as needed.  No more concerns about running out of time or minutes.