Graduate Programs

We hope that we have answered some of your questions here.  Its that answer that you need at the odd hour.  If you need more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

I am a student in the graduate program. How do I get my list of books and where do I get them?

To get your required text list, there are a few options.  You can check your class syllabus.  This should list the texts you need for your class.  We will carry the books your instructor has requested us to carry.  There are times that an instructor will list a book on the syllabus, and not request we carry it.  Check our website for what has been requested.  Another option is to place an order on our website.  Instead of finalizing the order, simply print out what your classes require and bring that with you to the store.  If you can't make it into the store, you can finalize the order and have us ship you your books.  

If you choose to pick and purchase your books in person, you will find your books in the store on the campus where your class meets.  Minneapolis classes will be at the Minneapolis Campus Store, St Paul classes will be at the St Paul Campus Store.  Please bring your syllabus or class listing.  We can more quickly help you get what you need wtih this information.  For example, finding the books for GMUS 544-02 will be easier than finding the books for Music in the Early Childhood.  Instructors request books by department, course number and section, not course title.

Graduate Social Work classes that meet at St Kates have their texts carried at the St Thomas St Paul Campus Store.  Please stop in for your items.  You will need to know your section number as there are probably more than one section of your course, and each instructor will select their preferred texts.  Read tags carefully, and confirm you are selecting the correct edition as some instructors use the same title, different edition.  Often, it is a challenge to find the older editions as they are kept for reference.  Yes, its confusing for us too.   You may not be able to get all used books as these are not regularly sold back to stores, and instead kept for future reference. 

Finals are over. What do I do if I want to sell back and/or return my rental books?

We have a buyback and rental return at the end of fall and spring semesters during finals.  In Minneapolis, simply bring your texts to the service counter in the Campus Store, and we will happily handle your buyback or rental return.  In St Paul, bring your books to the Campus Store.  We set up a buyback and rental return area inside the store.  We do have a cutoff date for buying back books and accepting rental returns, so check the calendars for this information.

I am a graduate student and am walking in the ceremony in May. What do I do and where do I get my cap and gown?

You very possibly filled out a form early in the year as to where you wanted to pick up your garb, your height, weight and head measurement.  If you did not do this, please contact your coordinator and provide them with that information.  In May, you may start to pick up your cap, gown and tassel at the location you specified.  Please check at your specified location to know if it is possible to pick up your cap and gown. Bring ID, as we want to confirm that we are giving you the correct package, and that we check off that you have picked up your garb. 

You must be on the official list to pick up garb. If you did not turn in your information, we will put together cap, gown and tassel for you.  ID is required for this also.

We do not give garb to anyone.  If you need someone to pick yours up, please contact us and let us know who will be coming in for you. 

When you get your garb, hang the gown.  It will be wrinkled from being in a package.  You can steam it, hang it in the bathroom when you are showering, or put it in the dryer at very low heat with a damp cloth.  DO NOT IRON.  It will melt.  You will receive your hood at the ceremony.  The hood must be returned after the ceremony, before you leave the graduation venue.

I need to return my masters hood from the ceremony. What do I do?

The hood put on you at the ceremony must be returned before you leave the venue.  If you do not, you will be charged $125.00.  You will not receive your diploma until this fee is paid.  That being said, returning your hood is really a very easy process.  Where ever graduation is being held, there will be signs letting you know where to go for hood return.  The staff working this area will have the list of graduates.  They will cross off your name when you turn in your hood.  Make sure you wait to give them your name. 

You will have time to take photos and visit with family and friends after the ceremony, so there is no need to rush.  Just make sure you leave the graduation venue with only your cap, gown and tassel.