Faculty and Staff

We hope to be able to answer many of your questions here.  If you have others, please contact us.  We will be happy to add your question to our site to help everyone.  Also, please check out the parent and student sections for questions and answers as you may find helpful information there.  We will be happy to add any of that information to the faculty section.

Why do I not see my requested texts on the shelf?

If your textbook adoption was received late or very near the start of class, then we have not yet received them. 

If you chose a book that is out of print, or generally difficult to find, we are still searching, and will have them available as soon as possible.   

If it is for the upcoming semester, which starts in six weeks, we are not yet ready to set those up.  If it is getting closer than that, we are working to get books out as quickly as possible, and we may have five or six pallets of boxes to process.  Give us a few days.  Then check again.

Why are textbook adoptions due so far in advance?

This date is not an arbitrary date.  It has everything to do with meeting the guidelines of the Higher Education Equal Opportunity Act.  This is a federal mandate which states that textbook information must be available to the student for their review when they are enrolling for classes. 

We set this date early enough for us to process the information so that textbook information is available at registration time.

What if there is a change in my textbooks edition?

We will alert you promptly and work with you to decide whether you wish to stay with the current edition, or move to the new one.

Do you stock used/rentals/e-books?

We do stock new and used books.  We attempt to have as many used copies as possible as this is what many undergraduate students are looking for.  Most graduate level books will be new as students choose to keep their books for future reference.  Used will be available in a more limited quantity.   Rentals are available for many books, not all.  The option is always listed on the shelf tag if it is rentable. 

Some texts are available as e-books, and will be available if requested by instructors.  Students tend to opt for a real book over this as there is no resale value, and it is for a limited time only.

Who do I call with questions?

Any questions you may have regarding the texts for your class are handled by the buyer.  Their direct phone numbers and email addresses are found in "Who's in Charge of That?".  If you do not see the number, please call the main number and ask for the buyer.

Does the timing of my textbook adoption make a difference in pricing?

Yes, in a couple of ways.  In placing your order after the due date, or close to the beginning of the term, fewer used copies are available to students, which means that they will have to purchase new.  Also, at the time of buyback, if we have not received your adoptions, students cannot sell back books you may later choose to use for your course.  As we buy for what is adopted, we leave students with books that could have been sold back to us, and us having to order to fill the need.

I am a St Paul campus instructor trying to place my adoption online. What is my password?

If you no longer have your paper form, please contact your department admin or the buyer.

I have placed the adoption for my textbooks. Will you order a desk copy for me?

No, we do not handle that.  Please contact the administrative support in your department.  They will be able to order that for you.

I told my students they could find this in the Campus Store. Do you have it?

Well, it depends on a few things. 

Is this something you requested when you adopted materials for your class?  Then we should have it in stock.  If another instructor has decided to use it and did not request it, we will run out. 

Is this something we carry regularly?  Then we will have it unless demand at anytime surprises us and we have run out.  We will have more on order.  You might want to check before telling your students we carry it, and if we do, and you want a specific item for a class, contact us so that we will have enough on hand. 

Is this something requested by another instructor and you have decided to use it?  Then we will have a quantity required for the other instructor(s), and you will need to make a request for us to have enough on hand for your students.

Is this something you are adding? Then you need to inform our buyers of this, and give us time to have it in stock.  Please do not assume that we carry something.  Always check first.

I have decided to cut a text from my course/make it optional/have recommended texts or items. What do I need to do?

As soon as you make this decision, please contact the buyer.  They will work with you to get everything updated and taken care of.

Your students will appreciate you eliminating a book from your required list.  You must let us know that you are doing this and not leave it to your students to come in to return their book.  We hesitate when we start getting a quantity of the same book back.  Not contacting us about this is unfair to your students and us.

You may also request optional texts.  Many students choose to not purchase these items, so we stock a smaller quantity. 

If there are other tools you recommend your students have, such as QuickStudy guides, calculators, goggles, compass, special notebooks, and the like,  please let us know so that our supply buyer is aware to have a stock of these on hand.  We are able to list these items on your course tag, and have them on the shelf, or in the vicinity, for your class. 

I want to add a text to my required list and tell my students it is available. Is this possible?

Yes, contact our buyer to help you with this.  Know that this addition will not be available immediately, so plan ahead in your teachings as we need 7 to 10 days to get this addition to your course into the store.  You may inform your students that it will be available in that time frame.

Do you do special plaques?

Yes!  We have a company we work with and they make them for us.  Contact our supply buyert for our online catalog.  We usually need about two weeks notice for these items.

Help! I can't find the planner that I usually get from the bookstore. What do I do?

With so many people using thier electronic calendars, the quantity of planners the we order has been reduced.  At any time, if you are in need of anything that we don't have in the store, please do not hesitate to ask.  We can usually have what you need, planner or otherwise, within a few days.

Do I need to come to the Campus Store in order to get what I need?

While we always enjoy when our faculty and staff some into the store, sometimes  time or weather do not permit.  You can always email  bookstore@stthomas.edu and let us know what you need.  We will charge out to your department what you need, and intercampus mail them to you.

Do you have balloons?

Yes!  We have helium on site in St Paul and will help you with your order.  You can department charge them or pay for personal balloon orders as well.

I am going out of the country and I need gifts to take along. Do you have any ideas?

Yes, lots of them!  We have plenty of staff to help you pick out gifts for student workers all the way up to  large donors.  Bring the list and we will help you with your needs.  If you need your gifts wrapped, we do that too, just give us some time if you need this.

I noticed a department that has their own name on their folders/a special item. Can our department do that too?

We do many custom orders for various reasons.  You can have your department name put on your own folders or we can order as few as a dozen pens with your department name on it to give as gifts.  Let us know, even if you are just wondering!  Give us plenty of lead time on these requests. Anything less than three weeks could be considered a rush order, and often, more time is needed based on item and quantity.