Campus Stores Buyback and Rental Return is coming! May 13-22, 2015

Check current prices offered. 

You can check the price being offered at any time a few different ways.  Know that these prices can change if quantities are filled.  If you check a book price today, and want to sell it back tomorrow, you may not get yesterday’s price.

Here is where you go to get up to date pricing:

On our website:

On your Android phone: Google Play, University of St Thomas

On your iPhone: App Store, U of St. Thomas Campus Stores

Enter the ISBN of the book, and find the current pricing!  It’s that easy.   

Books must be in good condition.  The best guide is, would you buy or rent the book if it has been torn, dropped in water, coffee stained?  If they are not in good condition, they will not be bought or taken as a rental return.

As the Campus Stores may purchase only a limited quantity of some titles, and quotas are filled daily, students are encouraged to sell their books daily after finishing their class or final.

The Campus Stores in St Paul and Minneapolis will conduct the end- of-semester book buyback beginning Wednesday, May 13, and continuing through Friday, May 22. A valid St Thomas ID is required for buyback and rental return.

 The Minneapolis store will handle buyback and rental return at the counter.  Buybacks and rental returns will be processed during all regular store hours.

 In St Paul, look for the open doors and signs just to the right of the main store doors.  Hours for buyback and rental return at the St Paul Campus Store are 12pm-6pm Wednesday and Thursday, May 13 & 14, and 12pm-4pm Friday, May 15.  The week of finals, hours are 8:30am-6pm Monday through Thursday, May 18-22, and 8:30am-4pm Friday, May 22.

 There will also be a buyback and rental return location in Anderson Student Center, 2nd floor, 9am-6pm Tuesday through Thursday, May 19-21, and 9am-4pm, Friday, May 22.

About the Buyback

Based on demand, students selling their books back may receive up to 50% of the price of a new book price if there has been a firm adoption of the book for the following semester.  As the stores can purchase only limited quantities of some titles, and quotas are filled daily, students are encouraged to bring their books to buyback as soon as they are finished with them. 

If quantities are met for the need of the Campus Stores, or the book has not been adopted at the University for the following semester, the book could have a wholesale value.  These books are shipped to a nationwide used book distributor to sell to other schools.

Books not purchased at St Thomas will also be bought provided those books are adopted or have a wholesale value.  International and instructor copies will not be bought. 

Some books are used only in the fall or spring.  This does not mean that they do not have any value, they do not have any value for the upcoming semester.  You can donate your books or hold on to them for the next end of semester buyback.

Books including CD’s must have the CD’s with them to receive the best price.

Rental Returns

If you rented a textbook for the current semester, you are to return them in the same place as buyback occurs.  Any books not returned by 4pm, Friday, May 22 will be charged to your student account.  Rental books should have the rental sticker on them in order to be processed correctly. You must return your own rentals, you may not return for someone else, or have them return for you.

Assist a charity

Books not purchased can be donated to Books for Africa.  These will be put to good use by students in other countries.

Rogue book buyers

Be aware of buyers who say they are offering a better price for books than the Campus Stores.  They pay only wholesale prices, take the books off campus, and then are not available for purchase at a used price by other UST students.

Book thefts

Sadly, book thefts increase at the end of the semester.  Keep track of your books and mark them in a way you can identify them if they are lost or stolen. 

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