Events and Inclement Weather Procedure

During the winter season, there are times when courses will be cancelled yet the University remains open and times when the University closes as a whole.  Below are the expectations of Event Planners who are hosting events and/or activities when one of these instances are determined and communicated on Campus.    

The University’s decision will be announced on WCCO Radio, intercampus communications and via the UST Alert system.     


If the university CANCELS COURSES the university is technically open just courses are cancelled.

  •         All Staff are required to stay on campus unless they are using PTL (must be approved by supervisor)
  •         All Essential Staff must remain on campus or report to work for their shift if called prior to
  •         Events will remain as noted on operational reports unless reported by the requester that the
            event/activity has been cancelled.
  •         Event requester is responsible to communicate cancelled events to Operational Staff via the
            diagrams DG ( )
  •         Event requester is responsible to communicate cancelled events to their guests per their events
            communication plan.


If the university CLOSES

  •         All NON ESSENTIAL Staff may go home or stay home
  •         All Essential Staff* remains on campus or reports to work for their shift if called prior to
  •         As the university is CLOSED ALL EVENTS/ACTIVITIES are considered CANCELED
  •         Event requester is responsible to communicate the closing of the campus / thus cancelling of their event to their guests
            per their events communication plan.


*Essential staff per Human Resources would be:

Emergency Essential Personnel

During a campus closing, employees working in emergency essential areas or functions are required to report to work.  Emergency essential personnel are employees who have been designated as vital to the operation of the University during emergencies, whose presence is required regardless of the existence of an emergency, and whose absence from duty could endanger the safety and well-being of the campus population and/or the university’s physical facilities.  Below is a list of the positions and/or functions that meets the definition of emergency essential areas.

•             Public Safety Officers

•             Certain Physical Plant employees, such as Physical Plant managers, building service workers,
               grounds workers, shift supervisors and manager, maintenance mechanics, and electricians

•             IRT Server Administrators

•             Food Service Workers

Please note that during the fall and spring semesters when the University is officially closed due to inclement weather, the O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library Center and the Ireland Library will attempt to be open with a limited staff.