Policies and Procedures for Academic Scheduling

An academic priority event is when an on-campus activity is tied to a particular class (CRN) but cannot be reflected in the Banner system. For example, special workshops, concerts, guest lectures, mid-terms, final exams, student paper presentations, etc.

Our goal with this procedure is to allow academic schedulers to reserve rooms for these activities before our academic spaces are opened to non-academic internal and external events. Here's how:

  • The CSS Academic Scheduling Manager sends the “academic priority event” reminder email two week prior to the Banner entry due date. This is a reminder to the Coordinators with Academic Priority Event needs to submit their request via 25LIVE Event Wizard or Copy Event feature, and email the Internal Scheduling Coordinator the reference number stating that it is an academic event requiring processing prior to events.  

  • Once your request is processed it will appear as confirmed in your Monitoring your Reqeusts search "My REQUESTS" as confirmed.

  • Any updates / changes are processed via a change / cancel request like any other event and there requests is considered an event after the academic release is provided.

Set ups for these Academic Priority events should be noted at the time of the request to allow proper set up and take down time to be applied to your request.
To change or add if you stated TBD, remember to use the on line change request links on the HOME TAB in 25LIVE or under News, Events & Directories on the UST Home page, just like you would for normal meetings and event changes.

To review the set up currently listed in your event, from your monitoring search "MY REQUESTS" right click on the event name, select DETAILS.  This will open the full summary showing all dates as well as the current set up associated with the request at the bottom of the left navigation.

It is important that you also remember set-ups need to be in the system to appear on the Operational reports for Facilities Services to provide for your event.

Please remember academic workshops and labs (with CRN numbers attached) which require setups will have to be entered into the RFS System with Facilitities Services.

Facilities Services does not have the staff nor is there time between courses to provide layout changes.  It is assumed that classrooms with classroom setups will meet the needs of a course. If you must rearrange the tables and chairs in your classroom, please return the classroom to the way you found it before your class.

A room assignment change request is when a department would like to have a course change their classroom assignment. Here's how:

  1. The first step is an email from the academic coordinator to the Academic Scheduling Manager. This email should contain:
    • the course’s Class Finder entry,
    • whether the course needs a smart room, and
    • the reason why the course needs to be assigned to a different space.

  2. Once received, the Academic Scheduling Manager will make the appropriate changes in Banner and return an email confirmation.

To minimize the number of errors in the R25 system, please note that once a semester begins the Academic Scheduling Manager should be the only person changing course room assignments in Banner.

A special room request for academics is when a department would like to have a course taught in a particular room which is not on their priority listing. Please note this does not count for “smart room” requests which are entered into the Banner system.

  1. By Banner entry due date, the departmental Academic Scheduler emails the CSS Academic Scheduling Manager:
    • The course’s Class Finder entry, and
    • The reason why the course needs to be assigned the space desired.

  2. The CSS Academic Scheduling Manager will send all special room requests to the appropriate Dean for approval.

  3. After approval, the CSS Academic Scheduling Manager will enter the approved room into the Banner system before the final academic scripts are run

For additional information please visit our Resources and Contact pages.