Sponsored Events

St. Thomas generally will require third parties to enter into a facilities license agreement before allowing St. Thomas facilities to be used for a Third Party Event.

A license agreement is needed regardless of whether St. Thomas charges a license fee for the Third Party Event. Among other things, the license agreement will require third party licensees to timely provide St. Thomas with a certificate of insurance that names the University of St. Thomas as certificate holder and additional insured.

Conference and Event Services has responsibility for approving Third Party Events and for negotiating the associated facilities license agreements.

Sponsored Events Policy


If you are considering Sponsoring an event on campus please connect with Conferences and Event Services:

SP Campus: 

Dan Taylor    djtaylor@stthomas.edu            651.962.6671
Molly Boyne   molly.boyne@stthomas.edu   651.962.6059

MP Campus:

Marti King     marti.king@stthomas.edu     651.962.4032