Policies and Procedures for Internal Event Planners

The University currently has 299 Public locations that are shared with Academic Courses and Events/Meetings.  In an average FY we schedule 20,000 courses and events. Understanding and following the best practices listed below and procedures displayed in the Resource section are important to the success of your events.

We understand that events/meetings do come up; but it is important to book your events well in advance of the actual event date to insure that all your needs are and can be met.  All Operational Staff use the system for reports used to schedule staff and resources.  Late requests require additional coordination between you, Campus Scheduling Services and Operations and open the opportunity for access and set up issues. 

Set up needs (Tables/chairs/ staging) should be communicated at the time of the request in the Notes to Scheduler section of the Event Wizard or noted “to follow” so that the scheduling team can add the appropriate time needed to provide time for the setup.  If you are requesting one of our locations that default to empty and you wish to use it empty please note NO SET UP NEEDED.  Set up reports are viewed in advance for staffing needs and are pulled four business days  prior for operational reports.
Please view DIAGRAMS for more details and standard Diagrams to be used.


If your event has detailed logistics, you should attend an OSG meeting. OSG includes representatives from IRT, Public Safety, Physical Plant, Catering, Athletics and Campus Scheduling Services. OSG meets weekly on Tuesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 pm.

OSG meetings can provide you an opportunity to review your entire event and its needs with all service operation groups at one time to ensure that all your needs are met and your event logistics are in compliance with both the university's and city policies and ordinances.

Please contact Campus Scheduling Services to be added to a meetings itinerary at 651-962-6670 or campusscheduling@stthomas.edu.


The university observes at least 12 holidays during the year (see Payrolls web for current holiday listing).  Please note that food service and/or catering services are NOT available to events scheduled on any of these university holidays or for Saturday events on Easter and/or any holiday weekend where the holiday itself falls on a Friday, or Monday.  Please schedule your event on regular university business days so that all university services are available for your event.  If you choose to schedule your event on a university holiday or over a university holiday weekend, you are required to coordinate with Public Safety, Campus Scheduling and Facilities Services for an exception.  Please understand that there will be limited staff available to support your event and that Food Service and/or Catering requests will be denied.   


For additional information please visit our Resources and Contact pages.