For Internal Event Planners

Campus Scheduling Services processes an average of 20,000 requests each year for 299 locations.

We have compiled best practices and resources in this section to assist you in providing Campus Scheduling Services and University Operational Groups the information we need to ensure your event is successful. However, success depends on your use of the proper systems within a time line that allows for all operation groups on campus to receive, order and schedule services for your event.

The University observes at least 12 holidays during the year, please see Payroll's Holiday Schedule for current dates.  Please note that dining services and/or catering services are NOT available to events scheduled on any of these university holidays or for Saturday Events on Easter and/or any holiday weekend where the holiday itself falls on a Friday or Monday.  

Please schedule your events on regular university business days so that all university services are available to support your events.  IF you choose to schedule your event on a university holiday or over a university holiday weekend, you must obtain an exception from Public Safety, Facilities Services and IRT if event support is needed. You will need to work with Campus Scheduling Services to get the request in as the system will not allow you to book over UST holidays. Please understand that even with an approved exception, there will be limited staff available to support your event and that Dining Services and/or Catering requests will be denied. Please direct any questions or concerns to Mark Vangsgard, Chief Financial Officer,, 651-962-6095 or  Gerald Anderley, Associate Vice President for Auxiliary Services, , 651-962-6061.

If your event has detailed logistics, you should attend a OSG meeting. OSG stands for the Operational Support Group and includes representatives from IRT, Public Safety, Physical Plant, Catering, Athletics and Campus Scheduling Services. OSG meets weekly on Tuesdays from 1:30 - 2:30 pm. 
OSG meetings can provide you an opportunity to review your entire event and its needs with all service operation groups at one time to ensure that all your needs are met and your event logistics are in compliance with both the university's and city policies and ordinances.

To be added to a meetings itinerary, please contact

Brian Woitte at 651-962-6311  or
Kimm Thiboldeaux at 651-962-6673 or

For additional information please visit our Policies & Procedures, Resources and Contact pages.