Policies and Procedures for Gatekeepers

There are 202 gatekeepers and department only locations on campus. In an average Academic year 20,000 requests are processed.

As a Gatekeeper, you are required to check your workflow regularly and process requests per academic and booking priority.  Academic deadlines are published on the Campus Scheduling home page and are for any public space. You cannot withhold bookings for public locations you assign "just in case" someone in your department might have a need. After the Academic Hold on locations is released, events should be processed in the order received in a timely manner.  

In order for the system to function it is important that all Gatekeepers follow the Best Practices for Gatekeepers
It is recommended that new Gatekeepers review all resources prior to scheduling training with the System Admin and processing workflow and schedule a one on one trainng session with the System Admin.

Please contact Campus Scheduling with any questions, issues or just to walk you through any process you are struggling with. 

We welcome the opportunity to assist and are willing to do this as often as you need until you are as comfortable in the system as we are.

For additional information please visit our Resources and Contact pages.