For Gatekeepers

The University currently has gatekeepers who monitor event/meeting requests for space on campus using their workflow in 25LIVE. The links in this section are resources for gatekeepers.

It is recommended that you review the Policies & Procedures and Resources provided in this section prior to training and processing workflow and booking requests in your locations. 

In order for the operational systems to work seamless for you and your clients, it is important that you understand and follow the policies and procedures in this section.

The Campus Scheduling Services Team is here to support you. We know this is not your full time responsibility and would be more than happy to walk you through a process and to assist until you are as comfortable in the system as we are.

Please Contact Campus Scheduling Services main line 651-962-6670 or Kimm Thiboldeaux at 651-962-6673 / Brian Woitte at 651-962-6311 for questions, assistance or requests for additional tips for your resource link.

For additional information please visit our Policies & Procedures, Resources and Contact pages.