The Campus Scheduling Services team facilitates the scheduling of St. Thomas’ location resources for academic courses and internal meetings and events.  Campus Scheduling Services is an Administrative Department thus available and processing requests Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:00pm.

Academic courses are scheduled through our enterprise systems in preparation for each semester and in consult with our academic coordinators.  Requests for Academic locations will be placed on hold until courses have been scheduled for a given semester.

St. Thomas community members can make their own internal non-academic room reservation needs through our on-line scheduling tool, 25LIVE, which requires a UST ID username and password.  There is a link on the home tab of the system to request your activation.

With the scheduling tool, event schedulers can search for available space on their preferred date and time – or just get an overview of what’s happening on campus on a particular day. Schedulers can also use the system filters to search by building or campus. 25LIVE is a one-stop-shop for our requester – once your request has been submitted, you can revisit this site, log in and check the status of all your requests, make changes to your requests, or look up event reference numbers assigned to your event.

You will find "How To's" in the Resource section for each group:  Academic Coordinators, Gatekeepers, Internal Event Planners, Student Clubs and Operational Staff.