Statement of Support

October 22, 2018

Statement of Support from Campus Ministry

Statement of Support from Campus Ministry

Center for Ministry

Statement of Support from Campus Ministry

On Friday, October 19, two events shocked our campus community.  They were discovered at nearly the same time Friday morning. 

First, we join the community in mourning the sudden death of Katherine (Katie) Mullen, a sophomore who was discovered unresponsive in her bed.  The loss of any student, staff or faculty member is a time of deep sadness for the whole university.  We are all Tommies.  We express our condolences today to Katie's family, her roommates and close friends on campus, and friends elsewhere.  As a Center we offer prayers asking for God's comfort for the bereaved and will continue to do this in the days ahead.

Information about hours of visitation and the funeral can be found at


Second, we are saddened and angered that a student in our community has experienced the ugliness of racism firsthand. There is no place for this behavior at St Thomas, an institution that prides itself on intellectual and spiritual openness and which welcomes students of all faiths and religions, all races and creeds. Indeed, as campus ministers at St Thomas, we all live with different understanding of the Divine imperatives transmitted to us inside our particular faith traditions. However, each of us shares an unequivocal commitment to fulfilling a shared Divine command--to see the human being as created in the image of God. How that teaching is transmitted, is what makes religious faith important to each of us. However, none of us ignores the Divine dream of seeing humanity united in fellowship and understanding where human dignity is sacrosanct and human decency is fully realized.  We call on all faithful St Thomas students to pray for the conversion of hearts as well as to reject vile attacks made on another human being simply because they are blessed with unique gifts from the Holy One Blessed Be The Name. 

Please know that the Center for Campus Ministry is open to all members of our University of St. Thomas community and that conversations with our chaplains are confidential in nature.