October 23, 2017

October 23, 2017

Center for Campus Ministry October 23, 2017

What's Happening in the Center this Week

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Center for Campus Ministry October 23, 2017

What's News in the Center this Week?

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From Our Chaplain

Memorial Mass for Bobby Bloom and Sam Gottfredsen.

On Sunday, October 29 at 6:30pm, the Center for Campus Ministry invites the St. Thomas Community to join us at the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas for a memorial mass. This mass will be a time of prayer and healing for our community as we remember two of our students who died tragically this year in separate auto accidents.

Robert "Bobby" Bloom, a member of the St. Thomas class of 2018, died in a car accident on Aug. 30, 2017. Bloom studied supply chain and operations management at St. Thomas after graduating from White Bear Lake High School. He was also president of the St. Thomas fishing club.

Sam Gottfredsen, also a member of the class of 2018, died in a car accident on May 21, 2017. Gottfredsen studied criminal justice.

Sam is the son of School of Law events manager Angela Dzik and brother of St. Thomas student Zachary Gottfredsen.

The Mass has been planned with the assistance of family members and friends. Please join us to provide support to the family and friends of these two young men.


Making Good Choices as an Adult

I used to think that being an adult means being autonomous, self-sufficient, totally in control of your life. I suppose that this idea is in part a childhood perspective, seeing my parents as always having the answers to any problem. As an adult, I've learned that my parents--like any adult--don't always know what to do, and they do make mistakes. It's part of the human condition.

Making decisions, whether big or small, is not a simple matter of knowing what to do and then doing it. Often we're confused or conflicted, not knowing all the facts or having competing desires and values. Even when we do know what we want, sometimes we don't carry it out, because of fear, anxiety, exhaustion, peer pressure, habit, apathy, or any other number of influences. As St. Paul says, "I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I do" (Romans 7:19). Being an adult trying to make good choices means knowing our weaknesses and setting ourselves up for success in light of them.

So here are three adult strategies for making good choices:

1. Stop and think - Use the time you have to analyze the situation. What are you feeling? What is most important to you in this decision? What are the facts? Imagine yourself   later on looking back at the situation--what would the best outcome look like?

2. Talk - Make it a personal goal to build up good relationships with people you can trust, people who can give you honest feedback and advice. An outside perspective, especially from someone who knows you well, often helps clear away confusion.

3. Lean on others - Especially when you know what to do but find it difficult to carry it out, don't be afraid to ask others for help. Turn to prayer, seeking God's help. But don't   forget to make use of the other people God has given you to help you be your best. Good friends, mentors, and helpers can provide encouragement, support, and     accountability.

Meet Fr. James-Peter Trares

Fr. Jame‌s-Peter has shared with us before, but here we have an opportunity to get to know him just a bit better.

I've been at UST for about two months, and it already feels like home! With this being my first ministry as a newly-ordained priest, life has been full of exciting "firsts." My favorite part of ministry is serving and working with people, caring for people wherever they are. I've been amazed and humbled by the energy, the faithfulness, the kindness, and the sincere desire to grow that I get to see every day.

 I love that I get to wear two hats in my ministry on campus: chaplaincy and teaching. As chaplain, I'm regularly found in our chapels on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses, presiding at Mass and celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation. I also have been working to recruit and train volunteers for liturgical ministries. My other main responsibility as associate chaplain is to coordinate our Christian Initiation and Formation process. We currently have an excellent group of nine students who are interested in knowing more about the Catholic faith and who are discerning becoming Catholic.

 As a new professor, I'm learning the ropes teaching an Introduction to Theology class, which is a course every undergraduate student at UST takes. I enjoy pushing my students, who come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds, to consider thinking about religious questions and the Christian tradition in new and deeper ways. Meanwhile, my students push me to learn more as well and to improve as a teacher. I consider teaching a great opportunity to interact with students who otherwise would not interact with me in the Center for Campus Ministry.

Please pray for all of our students and our whole St. Thomas community, especially for those who are seeking to know and follow God's call.

Did You Miss Tommie Catholic Last Week?


Last week Tommie Catholic presented "Priests Have Lives?".  One hundred thirty students enjoyed an evening seeing what our very own chaplains do outside of their priestly ministry.  Fr. Tobin wowed the crowd with Chemistry experiments.  Fr. Blake proved his strength with a workout video.  Fr. Borello from the St. John Vienney Seminary took home the title of "Master Chef", defeating a seminarian in a cooking competition.  And Fr. Trares tied it all together with performing theme songs for each of the other acts.  If you missed the event, you can see the live-streamed video on the Tommie Catholic Facebook page.

This Week: Tommie Disciple

Come join other Christians as we gather under one name for prayer, worship, and fellowship.

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