October 15, 2018

October 15, 2018

Center for Campus Ministry: October 15, 2018

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Center for Campus Ministry: October 15, 2018

From Our Chaplain

Pray the Rosary

Ecumenical Worship Service and Fellowship

Meet your 2018-19 VISION Leaders!

Tommie Catholic

Night Light

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Kairos 13

Pancakes with Jesus & Mary

Book Club - Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Meant to Be

CRS Student Ambassador Training‌

News & Announcements from the Archdiocese & More

From Our Chaplain

Fr. Larry Blake, Chaplain

In the Gospel for this past weekend, we heard the words of Jesus: "How hard it is for those who have wealth to enter the kingdom of God!". Then Jesus goes on to tell his listeners that it is harder for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle then for those whose lives are devoted to accumulating wealth to enter the Kingdom. The disciples were amazed.

Some scholars suggest that the phrase "eye of a needle" referred to a very small gate in the outer wall at Jerusalem which was very difficult for an animal carrying a large burden to pass through.  It's an interesting explanation, but scholars are divided on whether or not such a gate existed that was known as the "eye of the needle."

The fact that the disciples were amazed suggests something else is going on.  Jesus' words are the antithesis of what most people thought.  The contemporary wisdom said that if you were well off it was a sign of God's blessing and that you would easily gain the Kingdom.

Yet time and again Jesus turns this notion upside down. The poor are closer to the Kingdom of God, not those who are wealthy.  Jesus says so in the words of the Beatitudes:  "Blessed are the poor for they shall inherit the Kingdom of God."

The two other Abrahamic religions, Judaism, and Islam also have teachings about the poor.  In Judaism those who are rich have an obligation to the poor. Islam, teaches that the one who is generous is near God. 

We live in the wealthiest nation on earth.  It is difficult at times to remind ourselves that while wealth in and of itself is not evil, the accumulation of wealth as the sole purpose of life is not desirable and that all people of faith have an obligation to our sisters and brothers who are impoverished.  We need to be small (humble) to pass through the eye of the needle.

October is the Month of the Rosary

Join us Monday through Friday at 4:30 during October for the Rosary. We will meet in the Mary Garden behind the Chapel. In case of rain, we will meet inside the Chapel.


Ecumenical Worship Service and Fellowship

Rev. Medhat Yoakiem
Associate Chaplain

Join Rev. Medhat for an Ecumenical Worship Service, on Sunday, October 21 at 7:00PM in the Hearth Room in Anderson Student Center [ASC 340]. Time for pizza and fellowship will follow immediately after the service. All are Welcome!

2018-19 VISION Team Leaders

Meet Duncan Anderson and Mackenna Cristilly , Leaders for the Texas/Mexico Trip

Hello! My name is Duncan and I am one of the Student Directors for VISION this year. In addition to being a part of the greatest program UST has to offer, I teach mindfulness meditation at the Wellness Center and am passionate about bringing meditation into the daily lives of anyone who's interested. I'm also super involved in studying different spiritualities and human consciousness. I'm SO excited for this year and look forward to seeing you on a trip!



Hello!! My name is Mackenna Cristilly and I am studying Entrepreneurship and Justice and Peace Studies. I am a sophomore on campus and jumped right into VISION during my first year. My favorite things include creating art, being active, chacos, animals, yoga, the color yellow, and documentaries. I'm excited to see what VISION has in store for us!




Night Light

Take a mid-week break with Jesus! Join us every Wednesday from 9-10 PM at the St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel for Eucharistic Adoration ending with Compline (Night Prayer). Depending on the Wednesday, the Adoration time will be in silence or with music. Come recharge by spending some time with God and your community.



Kairos 13
Overnight Retreat
November 16-18

Come Listen, Pray, and Be Transformed

Whether you are in your first year or last year, this retreat is for you! To sign up or find more information, go to KAIROS or contact Lisa Jaskowiak at jask0009@stthomas.edu .

If you have been on a Kairos retreat and would like to apply to be a volunteer, fill out this survey.



CRS Student Ambassador Training‌


News & Announcements
from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul and more

Retreats at the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia Motherhouse

Vocation Retreat
November 8 - 11
Nashville Tennessee

Retreat for single women between the ages of 17 and 30.  

For more information:  Contact Sister Peter Marie, O.P. 615.256.0147 or email:  vocation@op-tn.org

Consumed by His Love Retreat

Led by the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

October 26 - 28
North St. Paul, MN

 Retreat for single women between the ages of 18 - 35.  Meet the Carmelite Sisters and get a glimpse into our life in Carmel. 

Learn more about our life of consecration through: 

  •   Conferences on Prayer, Religious Life & Carmelite Spirituality
  •   Time for Prayer & Reflection
  •   Question and Answer Sessions
  •   Enjoy Times of Recreation with the Sisters

The Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles practice a contemplative tradition of Carmel flowing in to the works of the apostolate - healthcare, education & retreat work.

For more information, contact Sister Elizabeth Therese, O.C.D. 626.300.8938 or see www.carmelitesistersocd.com

To rsvp, please email:  mncomeandsee@outlook.com