May 7, 2018

May 7, 2018

Center for Campus Ministry E-News: May 7, 2018

It's the Final Week of Class!

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Center for Campus Ministry E-News: May 7, 2018

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From Our Chaplains

Fr. Patrick Tobin resized
Fr. Patrick Tobin, OP
Associate Chaplain

Thanks for the Memories!

As I prepare to depart UST for my new assignment in Chicago, I find myself asking, "What am I taking with me?"  Yes, there will be my many books (downfall of Dominicans everywhere!), a few possessions (including a well-used marshmallow gun), many new friendships (find me on Facebook!), and even more happy memories.  But I can't help thinking about the "big picture" and asking the same question about our earthly pilgrimage.  In light of the ultimate purpose of our lives, which is eternal union with God in heaven, what should I be taking from each assignment to prepare me for that end?

I'm pretty sure that for this assignment, I am taking with me a lot of growth in the area of obedience.  In English, obedience has a poor connotation that involves a loss of freedom and perhaps an obsequious or servile manner.  The Latin root, however, is "ob" and "audire" which translates to "listening to another person."  I have listened to my Dominican brothers when they have challenged me to view my actions through their eyes instead of my own.  Sometimes the mess of my incomplete project outweighs my desire to serve the community.  I have listened to my religious superiors when they have elected not to choose my clearly superior plan in favor of their own.  Sometimes when you're the business manager you just write the checks and make the financial reports as instructed.  I have listened to my superiors at St. Thomas and have marched to the tune of music that I might otherwise not have chosen.  Sometimes one must dance to Despacito when you would prefer Barbie Girl.  I have listened to countless students who came to me with questions and left without the definitive answer they wanted to hear.  Sometimes the best answer I can give is the one that I slowly draw forth from the one asking and not my own answer.

The past six years at St. Thomas have been spent responding to the needs of others.  I am profoundly grateful to have had such good and gentle teachers to instruct me in the art of listening to another person.  My hope is that by listening to others on a regular basis and not only to myself, I will be better able to listen to God when God chooses to speak to me.  And in making room in my will for the will of another, I hope to be better able to respond to the will of God in my own life.

On behalf of everyone in the Center for Campus Ministry, thank you Fr. Patrick for giving so generously of yourself to all St. Thomas students, faculty and staff for the past six years. Your presence will be missed but you will definitely not be forgotten. We wish you all the best in your next assignment and hope that if your travels bring you back to Minnesota, you will stop in for a cup of coffee.

We thank you for all the wonderful memories!



‌The many sides of Fr. Patrick Tobin, OP


Tommies are Everywhere!

During a recent trip to Thule Air Force Base in Greenland, Fr. Blake met Lt Stephanie Westrum, 2016 UST grad who is currently stationed there.

Join Peer Minister Emily Dalsky


Looking for a snack on Thursday night?  Stop by for...

Hosted by Peer Minister Sam Shay

Alpha is a program where we'll be taking a really, really genuine look at the Christian Faith. You don't have to know anything about the Faith, you don't have to believe in Jesus' promises or person, and you don't have to walk away from the program any different than you came in. The purpose of putting on this program is merely to supply you with the knowledge of a Goodness and Truth that has changed the life of the programs organizer, and billions of people throughout history. And, if you do walk out changed from these meetings (as the organizer hopes you will) you will not regret having done so. That's a promise.

 During Alpha, students will gather to watch a clip that introduces a question and then goes about explaining the answer as it pertains to Christianity. After this video (usually around 30 minutes or so), the next hour will be devoted to discussing the problem and proposed answer. Perhaps most importantly, there will be snacks (and occasionally dinner!) provided.

and then


Positions are Now Available in the Chapel

Campus Ministry is looking for students to work as a Liturgical Assistant and Music Assistant. If you are interested in joining a team of students and staff that work to prepare and assist at all liturgies at the University of St. Thomas please consider applying on-line.
Liturgical Assistant   Music Assistant


Volunteers for First Year Retreat

If you had participated at our First Year Retreat when you first came to St Thomas, you  know how important this weekend of community is to connect with faith possibilities and build relationships from the get go.  Please consider volunteering to welcome our new students and make this weekend a great opportunity for them.

To volunteer please visit: FYRETREAT


Come play with friends and faculty under the lights at the Annual Catholic Studies Ultimate Frisbee Tournament! Play hard and pray hard in this consolation style tournament, complete with refreshments. Teams must be co-ed and consist of 6-10 players. To register, please email Alejandra Chavez at with your team name and the list of your members.


Considering what to do on your first weekend off?  Join thousands of Young Adults this May 18th gathered to celebrate Jesus Christ.  Pulse in the Cities is an ecumenical event sponsored by the Archdiocese of Saint Paul Office of Evangelization. 

Reminder!  Join us next Tuesday evening for a Holy Hour for Vocations.  We are coming together to pray for an increase in holy vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life!

 Holy Hours for Vocations
Tuesday, May 8
7 - 8 p.m.
Church of St. Michael, Stillwater

All people of the Archdiocese are invited to participate in the Holy Hours for Vocations, a new program sponsored by the Office of Vocations. This year's seminarian poster shows the calendar of the Holy Hours for Vocations that will be taking place at 7 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month. 

Each month, the Holy Hour for Vocations will take place at a different parish in the Archdiocese. Come spend an hour with Jesus each month to pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life and diaconate. For more information, please contact the Office of Vocations at 651-962-6890 or visit



Has God been calling you to do more for Him?

 Consider SPIRITUS!

 SPIRITUS missionaries:

-are single Catholics 20-29 ​y​ears old​ from all over the country.

-serve from mid-August through mid-May in Wisconsin.

-are trained to lead retreats aimed at inspiring young Catholics.

-live in community, have their own room, are well fed.

-meet monthly with a spiritual director.

-are given weekly formation.

-get $150 each month, plus $2,000 upon mission completion.

-have time off for holidays and health insurance.

-change the faith lives in thousands of Catholics.

 The mission of SPIRITUS is to inspire young Catholics to be disciples of Jesus so they spread the Gospel and renew the Church!‌