March 5, 2018

March 5, 2018

Center for Campus Ministry E-News: March 5, 2018

There are lots of opportunities through the Center for Campus Ministry this week.

Center for Ministry

Center for Campus Ministry E-News: March 5, 2018

From Our Chaplain

Fr. Larry Blake

I am writing this column on the morning of the 3rd Sunday in Lent.  It has been 18 days since the beginning of Lent on Ash Wednesday.  How are you doing with your Lenten observances?

 I have to confess I slipped up on the first Friday in Lent just following Ash Wednesday.  I was out shopping, waiting for some work to be done on my phone when I dashed into the food court to grab a hamburger.  It was later that evening as I sat down to a dinner of fish that I realized my mistake. 

 However,  in a more intentional way I have been using these days to pay attention to people around me.  I try to ask myself "what is this person needing from me at this moment" or "what can I do for them that would be most helpful."  I call this abstinence from self-centeredness which is all too easy to fall into. It can also be considered a form of fast since it takes effort to focus on the needs of another, while putting our own needs aside.  

 So 22 days of Lent remain, not counting Sundays.  I will pray for you that you have a good Lent if you will pray for me to remember my meatless Fridays.

External Sacrifice vs. Internal Conversion:

"Now, here is an interesting question. External sacrifices are the most obvious kind, so sometimes it does look like all we do is avoid chocolate. However, if you look closer, you'll realize that fasting and abstinence have always gone hand in hand with two of their best friends: prayer and almsgiving. External sacrifice is a manifestation of interior conversion: "...interior conversion urges expression in visible signs, gestures and works of penance" (CCC no. 1430). Interior conversion is where prayer and almsgiving come into play. In almsgiving, we show mercy and generosity to others, giving them a chance to experience the blessings we have. In prayer, we are communicating with God, asking him to bless and perfect our fasting and almsgiving: "... prayer is the living relationship of the children of God with their Father who is good beyond measure, with his Son Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit" (CCC no. 2565). It's not just avoiding sweets. It's glorifying God by growing in his Love." (, "Six Ways to Evangelize During Lent")


Lent Opportunities

Volunteers are Needed

Preparations are already beginning for Holy Week and the Triduum. If you are interested in participating in any of these liturgies through reading, hospitality or another way, please contact Dr. Valentino Piran to find out what opportunities are available. Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to participate in these events. or 651-962-6563

poster for lent morning reflections

Open House and Dedication of the Minneapolis Meditation/Prayer Room

Everyone is welcome to join us as we dedicate our new meditation/prayer room on the Minneapolis campus.

Minneapolis Opus Hall, Room 200

Monday, March 12th

3:30 - 4:30 p.m. Open House with Dedication at 4 p.m.


During J-Term, the VISION program sent teams out for four mission trips.  In this edition we are sharing with you summaries and photos from the trips of the other two teams.

We will more to share after our Spring Break trips.


2018 was VISION's 32nd year going to San Lucas Toliman in Guatemala.  For 3 weeks, this group of students was able to spend time at the Friends of San Lucas Mission - learning about Guatemalan history, helping build houses and learning about land ownership justice issues, building stoves that allow for better ventilation in homes, and creating community with the people of San Lucas, as well as the other groups who served at the mission thought the three weeks.  Some highlights include watching the sun set over Lake Atitlan, learning about the coffee harvest and processing, and taking the "Living Class" to learn about things like weaving, basket carrying, wood carrying, and cooking.

This video shares some of the highlights

Puerto Rico:

This was VISION's first year going to Plentitud, Puerto Rico, but it definitely won't be the last! For just under 2 weeks, students had the opportunity to stay on a permaculture farm in western Puerto Rico.  The group was able to learn about permaculture principles, sustainable water use, soil conservation, and renewable energy.  When the team wasn't busy working, they were most likely dancing.  Really, check out this video to see their great dance moves!

This video shares some of the highlights


Tommie Catholic Tuesday

Come join us this upcoming Tuesday March 6.

‌ ‌‌‌

Tuesday March 6th, at 8:00pm in Woulfe Alumni Hall.‌



It's simple: We gather in fellowship, pray with the Word, and go out as disciples charged with Jesus' love. Join us every Monday in Sitzmann Hall at 5:45 pm for a meal, prayer in the form of Lectio Divina, and community. Email Emily Dalsky for more information. 






encounter Christ 2018

There is still room to register for the upcoming Operation Andrew Dinner.

Operation Andrew Dinner

Tuesday, March 6
6 - 8 p.m.
Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis Chancery, 777 Forest St., St. Paul
Archbishop Bernard Hebda, Bishop Andrew Cozzens and Father David Blume, Director of Vocations, invite men discerning the priesthood, ages 16 - 50, to dinner and conversation with vocations testimonials on priesthood and religious life. It is typical for a pastor, religious or youth minister to accompany each discerning guest. 

Email or call the Office of Vocations at 651-962-6890.

Franciscan Mission Service's post-graduate service programs 

 Please see below for specific information about our international and U.S.-based opportunities.

 Overseas Lay Mission Program

In the spirit of Saints Francis and Clare, our Catholic lay missioners serve for two or more years in a variety of ministries in solidarity with economically poor and oppressed communities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our mission sites this year include Bolivia, Guatemala, and Jamaica. Check out and share this video, "Emily's Mission," which offers more information about the FMS approach to mission, namely our focus on ministry of presence.

Helpful links for students:

DC Service Corps (DCSC)

 The DC Service Corps Program offers young-adult Catholics the opportunity to work directly with marginalized populations through organizations that meet specific community needs or to work at FMS headquarters providing critical support for overseas and domestic programs.  In the community, volunteers may assist with youth outreach, education, support for people experiencing homelessness, and refugee services.  At FMS headquarters, volunteers undertake projects in communications, lay mission formation, recruitment, communications, event planning, and development.  All DCSC volunteers participate in weekly professional/leadership development, monthly spiritual direction, and bi-annual retreats. This transformative experience is enriched by an intentional living community with fellow volunteers that includes sharing meals, prayer, and fellowship.

Helpful links for students:

 Join us on social media: follow our blog, check us out on Instagram, "like us" on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

 Want to speak with someone in our office?

If you have any specific questions about either of our programs, please feel free to email or call Rose Urankar, at 202-832-1762, ext. 8  As a current volunteer with our DC Service Corps, I can respond to any questions you may have about our programs. We will also host an informational webinar on Thursday, February 15 at 1pm EST to provide an overview of our programs.  Call-in information -- via Zoom -- is available via the RSVP link.

Catholic Rural Life

Catholic Rural Life is looking for a team of volunteers to help plan and implement a media and communication project for their national conference entitled A Noble Vocation: Integrating Faith Food and the Environment, being held at Woulfe Auditorium March 21-23, 2018. The project tasks include: Strategic planning, projection slide production and timing, setting up and operating video equipment, photography at the conference, interviews at the conference and social media publicity. Please contact Morgan Smith, Director of Communication, Catholic Rural Life: