March 11, 2019

March 11, 2019

Center for Campus Ministry: March 11

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Center for Campus Ministry: March 11

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From Our Associate Chaplain

Dr. Sadaf Shier

 The Center for Campus Ministry at the University of St. Thomas co-hosted with Macalaster College and Hamline University the annual conference of the Association for Campus Muslim Chaplains (ACMC) from March 1-3, 2019.  Participants from all over the U.S. and Canada discussed issues of critical importance to Chaplains, such as interfaith healing, supporting struggling youth to maintain their faith, promoting inclusion for religious, spiritual, and secular identities, and discerning one's own calling. 

The theme of this year's conference was "Healing Our Campuses Whilst Healing Ourselves: Prophetic Approaches to Reconciliation & Repair." A local Imam, activist, and Muslim Chaplain for Minneapolis Police Dept., Imam Makram el Amin, described the tensions, vulnerabilities, and contradictions Muslim Chaplains face during their work.  Clinical Psychiatrist Layla Asamarai provided attendees with training in trauma healing.  The former president of ACMC, Imam Sharif Rosen from Williams College, Massachusetts, emphasized that chaplaincy is not work that can be done in isolation.  He explained that stronger networking between Muslim Chaplains and the Chaplains of the other faith traditions informs all our work and provides essential support required for healthy college communities. Cody J. Neilson, the CEO of Convergence, presented the audience with the status of higher education in the U.S. schools and a framework towards more inclusive higher education.  In his closing remarks, Fr. Lawrence Blake, Director for the Center for Campus Ministry, reminded everyone that the University of Saint Thomas is committed to Pope John Paul II's call that being a Catholic University means to be inclusive and respectful to the religious needs of students from diverse faith backgrounds. 

Zabiha halal food was served during the conference, prepared by the new Executive Chef in University of Saint Thomas' Dinning Services, Benjamin McCallaum, in facilities recently developed to provide this service.  The Muslim Chaplains in attendance greatly appreciated not just the quality and taste of the food, but also the University of St. Thomas's initiative to accommodate the religious dietary needs of students. 

Patricia Anton, Muslim Chaplain at University of Pennsylvania; Nisa Muhammad, Assistant Dean for Religious Life at Howard University; and Sadaf Rauf Shier, University of St. Thomas were elected as President, Vice President and Secretary, respectively, of ACMC for the coming year.


Stations of the Cross During Lent

Tommie Catholic presents:


Latinx Retreat

VISION UPdate & Monthly Reflection

J-Term VISION trips are done and everyone is back in class. We will share our experiences with you in upcoming newsletters. We have placed 48 students with our 12 VISION leaders and set up our Spring Break VISION trips. Everyone is very excited for the upcoming trips.

We will continue our monthly reflection series on Monday, March 18. All are invited and we hope to see you there.


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Catholic Studies Talent Show

Saturday April 13
7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
OEC Auditorium

Calling all students with wonderful, God-given talents. (Hint: That's all of you!) The Catholic Studies annual Talent Show is just around the corner, and we want you to be a part of it! If you are interested in wowing the judges with your amazing performance, then please email Mackenzie Hunter ( and Vince Koehl ( with...

Title of act
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News & Announcements
from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul


A Lenten Online Interactive Retreat on Prayer for Women,

March 6 - April 20

Take time to deepen your relationship with God this Lenten season using online reflection materials provided by Sr. Sandra Weinke, SSND.  Deepen your personal reflection and prayer by meeting weekly, by Skype, phone or in-person, with a School Sister of Notre Dame as a spiritual companion.  Register by March 4th at or contact Sr. Stephanie Spandl at or 651-278-4498.

Greetings from the Archdiocese Office of Vocations!

 We invite you to join us for the next Holy Hour for Vocations

 Here are the details:

 March 12, 2019

  • 7 p.m. -  8 p.m.
  • Church of St. Michael

451 5th Street SW
Pine Island, MN  55963

All are welcome to come together to prayer before the Blessed Sacrament for an increase in vocations to the priesthood, consecrated life, permanent diaconate and holy marriages in the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis.

See the Office of Vocations website for more details:

Home for the Summer

June 15 - August 10, 2019
Home for the Summer" is a Catholic summer household experience for women who are interested in discerning their vocation while living in community for 8 weeks.  This summer program is for women who are college age up to 27. Applications are now being taken. Please see for more information and to fill out an inquiry form.

Bethany House Applications Now Accepted

Bethany House applications are now being accepted for September 2019 to May 2020. Bethany House is a home for women who live in community, pray together, take meals together and discern whether they are called to consecrated life. Bethany House is sponsored by the Office of Vocations and is located in Northeast Minneapolis. We are currently taking applications for women interested in Bethany House. Qualities of a good candidate for Bethany House include single women, ages 20 - 27, who are interested in dedicating a year to intentionally discerning a vocation to religious life. If this describes you, we invite you to contact us by completing the interest form here.