February 25, 2019

February 25, 2019

Center for Campus Ministry: February 25

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Center for Campus Ministry: February 25

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Morning of Reflection for Liturgical Ministers

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Muslim Women's Retreat

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From Our Associate Chaplain

Medhat Yoakiem
Pastor Medhat Yoakiem

Do you See What God's See?

1 Kings 17:8 - 24
Luke 7:11 - 17

According to Webster's dictionary, a pilgrimage is most often a trip to a shrine or a sacred place.

Pilgrims travel to a destination believing that they will have an experience of God's presence there.  So when Hudson describes a mission trip as a pilgrimage, he's suggesting that we're traveling to a holy place, a site where we will encounter God.  He contends that when we serve others, we enter into the mystery of God's of abundance both through what we give and through what we receive.

Elijah and Jesus recognized the widows' difficulty and moved by a sense of compassion, healed the sons.  But healing wasn't the only gift they offered.  With their sons lives, the widows received an even greater gift: hope for the future.  For the widow of Zarephath hope was accompanied by a newly recognized faith in Elijah's God.  In Luke's story those who witnessed the miracle of healing were able to see Jesus in a new way.

When we turn to those who are in need, and become like pilgrims: walking with them, listening to their stories, learning from them, we're not only better able to meet their needs, but we also receive insight and understanding.  This can transform our lives.

If we consider all of life to be a pilgrimage, maybe we, like those faithful men, can be open to holy encounters in everyday life. 

Look around you right now.  How well do you know the needs of those sitting nearby?  Have you heard his/her story?  Do you know what he/she been longing for?

Gordon Cosby once said, "Always remember that each person you see...sits next to his or her own pool of tears."  Each and every one of us has a story to tell.  The stories are many, and varied, revealing both our individual human pain and our hope. Enjoy your trip in life because you are not traveling alone. We are on the road together surrounded by God's hand, are you able to see!!

Peace, Shalom, Salam in Christ,
Pastor. Medhat Yoakiem


Morning of Reflection for all Liturgical Ministers

All Liturgical Ministers are invited to attend a morning of reflection on Saturday, March 2, from 9:30 until 11:30 in the Hearth Room of ASC.  Fr. Michael Joncas will speak on "Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness: The Spirituality of a Liturgical Minister."  All Liturgical Assistants, Music Assistants, Cantors, Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist should plan to attend.  A continental breakfast will begin at 9:00.  Anyone interested in liturgical ministry is welcome.

Make Your Plans for Ash Wednesday

Along with our Masses scheduled for Ash Wednesday, Pastor Medhat will have an Ecumenical Service with distribution of ashes on Wednesday, March 6.

Tommie Disciple presents:


Peace Meals

Muslim Women's Retreat

Night Light

Pancakes with Jesus


Catholic Conversations - Location Change this week

Just for this week, Catholic Conversations will be held in ASC 236


News & Announcements
from the Archdiocese of Minneapolis & St. Paul


A Lenten Online Interactive Retreat on Prayer for Women,

March 6 - April 20

Take time to deepen your relationship with God this Lenten season using online reflection materials provided by Sr. Sandra Weinke, SSND.  Deepen your personal reflection and prayer by meeting weekly, by Skype, phone or in-person, with a School Sister of Notre Dame as a spiritual companion.  Register by March 4th at https://ssnd.org/events/online-lenten-retreat/ or contact Sr. Stephanie Spandl at sspandl@ssnd.org or 651-278-4498.

Cor Jesu

Friday, March 1
8 p.m.
The Saint Paul Seminary (St. Mary's Chapel), St. Paul

Eucharistic adoration, confession, praise and worship music and fellowship with young adults, college-age and older. Father David Blume, Director of Vocations, will preside. Parking is waived on South Campus surface lots at the University of St. Thomas. For more information, call the Office of Vocations at 651-962-6890 or visit the Cor Jesu Facebook page. Parishes

Operation Andrew

Thursday, March 7
6 - 8 p.m. 
Archdiocesan Catholic Center, St. Paul

Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Father David Blume, Director of Vocations, invite men discerning the priesthood, ages 16 - 50, to dinner and conversation with vocations testimonials on priesthood and religious life. It is typical for a pastor, religious or youth minister to accompany each discerning guest. 

Register online before March 4. Email stpaulvocations@10000vocations.org or call the Office of Vocations at 651-962-6890.

Miriam Dinner

Tuesday, March 12
6 - 8 p.m.
Archdiocesan Catholic Center, St. Paul

The Miriam Dinner, hosted by Archbishop Bernard Hebda and Father David Blume, Director of Vocations, is an event for women, ages 16 - 35, who are discerning consecrated life. It is typical for women discerners to be accompanied by their pastor, consecrated religious, or youth minister. The evening begins with prayer, followed by dinner with consecrated women sharing their vocations testimonies.   Priests, deacons and consecrated women in the Archdiocese are encouraged to invite women, ages 16 - 35, who present a sincere interest in consecrated life. The evening will begin at 6 p.m. with Evening Prayer at Holy Cross Catholic Church, followed by dinner in Kolbe Hall, and conclude with a tour of Bethany House (Women's Discernment House) with dessert and coffee.

Register onlinebefore March 8.  Email stpaulvocations@10000vocations.org