April 16, 2018

April 16, 2018

Center for Campus Ministry E-News: April 16, 2018

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Center for Campus Ministry E-News: April 16, 2018

From Our Chaplains

Medhat Yoakiem
Rev. Medhat Yao‌‌kiem, Associate Chaplain

On the Road to Emmaus
Strangers not Enemies

We walked the long journey through Lent and observed the different stages from Ash Wednesday, to Maundy Thursday, to Good Friday. At the end, we declared Jesus' victory over death when he appeared to Mary Magdalene, Peter and John. Many assume Jesus' resurrection is the culmination of the story of Easter. But the Easter we are talking about today is the one that inspires us to invite Jesus to accompany us in our journey in this life and after.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, two of his disciples hoped to escape the awful memories that had occurred in Jerusalem by leaving the holy city for their home in Emmaus.  They conversed solemnly as they walked with heavy hearts. A stranger eventually joined them, but the disciples didn't recognize this man as Jesus. The stranger empathetically listened as they grieved and shared their worries and doubts. When they reached Emmaus, the stranger was going to continue on, but the disciples transcended their own sadness and concern for themselves and asked the stranger to stay and eat with them.

The same road that brings people together is the same road that divides people when they reach their destination, as almost happened in Emmaus when the disciples had not yet recognized Jesus.  It was a miracle that the disciples in the midst of their own pain could become aware of the needs of the stranger.

If we find ourselves in despair and wonder where God is, the disciple's journey to Emmaus reminds us that he may actually be closer to us than we think. Even if you don't immediately recognize God, that doesn't make you non-believer but rather a true disciple.

Tommie Catholic Tuesday

Come join us Tuesday Night


Tuesday April 17th, at 8:00pm in Woulfe Alumni Hall.‌




Join Peer Minister Emily Dalsky



Looking for a snack on Thursday night?  Stop by for...

Hosted by Peer Minister Sam Shay

Alpha is a program where we'll be taking a really, really genuine look at the Christian Faith. You don't have to know anything about the Faith, you don't have to believe in Jesus' promises or person, and you don't have to walk away from the program any different than you came in. The purpose of putting on this program is merely to supply you with the knowledge of a Goodness and Truth that has changed the life of the programs organizer, and billions of people throughout history. And, if you do walk out changed from these meetings (as the organizer hopes you will) you will not regret having done so. That's a promise.

 During Alpha, students will gather to watch a clip that introduces a question and then goes about explaining the answer as it pertains to Christianity. After this video (usually around 30 minutes or so), the next hour will be devoted to discussing the problem and proposed answer. Perhaps most importantly, there will be snacks (and occasionally dinner!) provided.


encounter Christ 2018


Is there someone you want to say thank you to? Stop by the Center for Campus Ministry to write a note. Sponsored by the Wellness Center, visit their site for more details.


4th Annual St. Thomas Day of Service


On Saturday, April 21st you are invited to our 4th Annual, St. Thomas Day of ServiceCheck-in begins at 11:15 in McCarthy Gym.  Volunteer projects include Second Harvest Food Bank, Neighborhood Beautification, River Clean-Up, and working in the Stewardship Garden.  Please wear closed toes shoes and clothing you are ok getting dirty.  Free food, t-shirt, water bottle, and transportation provided to all participants.  Thanks for taking the time to give back to the community.  Questions e-mail Jacob.Hartmann@stthomas.edu.   RSVP here to help us with a headcount or just show-up the day of the event.