Common Ground

Common Ground is your home away from home located at 

2154 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN


Summit Avenue between the north and south campuses. The VISION team, a group of students who live intentionally to promote spirituality and community as well as positive social change both around the world and at St. Thomas, invite you to drop by and share in the good living. Make lunch in our kitchen, work in our garden, study . . . or nap . . . on our couches, create art or music, hold a meeting of your group or club, or take some time for prayer in the sunny meditation room. Four VISION team leaders live at Common Ground striving to build community and faith through hospitality and the finding of common ground. Throughout the year a variety of events will occur including BBQs, swing dancing, morning prayer, open mic nights, poetry readings, Candle Light Masses, and community dinners. VISION is an arm of Campus Ministry that has for years sent students from diverse backgrounds and fields of study around the globe. These students share several things in common - among them is an excitement to serve, a spirit of sacrifice, willingness to risk a new experience and an openness to learn, bend and grow. By utilizing Common Ground we hope to create a welcoming and inviting environment for all of St. Thomas. Through the fostering of genuine relationships, the search for truth and by providing a home away from home, Common Ground seeks to create a place for fun, faith, and fellowship.

Want to reserve Common Ground for a meeting or celebration?
Call Jacob Cunningham at 651-962-6578 or e-mail.