Statement of Ecumenical Principles

  1. This is a Catholic institution where Catholic identity and values are promoted in the openness of the liberal arts tradition.
  2. We welcome those of other faiths who come among us to nurture those of their own tradition.
  3. We ask them to respect and honor the Catholic identity of the university and of the Catholic student body.
  4. We hope the experience of St. Thomas will return students from other faith communities to their respective churches with new perspectives on Christian diversity and fidelity.
  5. We hope that organizations from other religious traditions present on campus will not only nurture the students of their faith but strengthen Catholic students in theirs.
  6. We recognize the right of all believers to witness in a convincing way to the faith that is in them.
  7. Taking unfair advantage of the ignorance or religious weakness of a student, or portraying the faith of others in a biased way, is considered proselytism. We, along with other Christian traditions, condemn proselytism.
  8. When a well informed student passes from one ecclesial denomination to another we do not hastily judge such an event to be the result of proselytism.
  9. We look forward to ecumenical exchange among our students and cooperation with the leaders of organizations of other faiths present on the campus.