UST Post Office

Below are a list of frequestly asked questions that outline the services provided at the UST Post Office.

Does the UST Post Office sell stamps?

Yes, we sell stamps, individually and in sheets. You can also mail packages.  We will weigh your item, select the zone and give you pricing based on the delivery time you request. The services listed above may be purchased with cash or check.

How do I find out what my mailbox number is?

Students are sent this information their freshman year, via UST e-mail.  Students may also visit the UST Post Office for this information with a UST ID.

Do I have to have a mailbox?

No, you may request to opt out of a mailbox. 

Can I have my mail forwarded to another address?

Yes, when a student has graduated or is no longer active at the university we will forward their mail to the permanent (domestic) address on record. We forward mail for a period of one year. Students and staff may update their permanent address record on Murphy. We will also forward mail to a temporary address.  To forward to a temporary address you must fill out a forwarding card at the UST Post Office.

Can faculty and staff receive personal mail at work?

No, faculty and staff mail is reserved for university business only.

Can Campus Mail Services seal university business envelopes?

Yes, Campus Mail can seal letter and flat mail envelopes. The charge is included with regular processing.  However, if the item requires hand sealing or if labels need to be attached there will be additional costs. 

Can I get more Inter/Intra campus envelopes?

We typically, have a good supply of Inter/Intra Campus envelopes, just ask.

What station delivers mail to St. Thomas?

The Elway Station (651-699-2762) delivers and picks up our mail.

What are the closest Post Offices to St. Thomas?

A.  The Industrial Station, located at 1430 Concordia Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104 - 651-645-7301- 1.6 Miles east

B.  The Minnehaha Station, located at 3033 27th Ave So, Minneapolis, MN 55406 - 651-729-9327 2.2 Miles West

Does the UST Post Office sell money orders?

Yes, money orders may be purchased with cash only up to the amount of $700.