Summer Mail

Each year in May, a form is placed at the UST Post Office to sign if you wish to keep your mail box open for the summer.  This form should only be signed if you intend to pick up mail and packages over the summer.

Summer Mail Box Closing

All mail boxes are closed (plugged on our side) for the summer, unless the student has signed up to keep their mail box open.  We close 5000 mail boxes for the summer.

What happens to my mail over the summer?

Mail that is sent to closed mail boxes over the summer, will be forwarded free of cost to the permanent address on record.  If a student has an alternate address they would prefer to have their mail sent to, we have forwarding cards available at the UST Post Office. PleaseNEVER fill out a Postal Service forwarding card.  Campus Mail Services does all the forwarding for students.  Filling out a USPS forwarding card creates confusion with the Postal Service.


What happens to my mail and packages in January?  Mail will stay in your mail box until school resumes.  Packages will remain on the shelves until school resumes.