Student Mail and Packages

All student mail and packages are delivered to Campus Mail Services and Shipping and Receiving.  There are no deliveries to Residence Halls. 

What happen with items larger than a student’s mail box?

Items larger than the student’s mail box will be processed in Shipping and Receiving.

How will I be notified that I have a package?

When an item has been processed an e-mail will be sent immediately to the student’s UST email letting them know their item is available for pick-up.  The student must present a valid UST ID that will be scanned in order to claim their package.  Our new package tracking system will also send out a reminder notice for items that have not been picked up every three days.  The same system is used for flower and care package deliveries. (The prior system of green card notification slips in the mail boxes has been eliminated)

Items that require a signature

Any item that that requires a signature will be signed for by our Campus Mail Services or Shipping and Receiving staff.

Can I send flowers?

Flowers may be sent to students.  The student will receive an e-mail sent to their UST e-mail when a delivery has occurred.  The student will come to Shipping and Receiving to receive their flowers with a student ID.  If the student does not pick their flowers up, we will follow up the e-mail up with a phone call.

How do I send flowers?

Most florists in the area know where to bring flowers at St. Thomas.  All floral deliveries for students and faculty/staff should arrive at Shipping and Receiving, located in the basement of Murray Hall.  The entire campus is listed as 2115 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN  55105- so it is a bit tricky giving directions.  We are located on the north campus, off of Cleveland and Ashland just past the Chapel on the hill.  The lot is labeled,” Admissions”.  There are three, 15 minute parking spots for merchants. Our location is the lower level below the Receiving dock.

Recommendations for Florists

Two of the better florists in the area are Bachmann’s, and A Johnsons.

Edible Bouquets

We accept Edible Bouquets, but caution -we don’t have refrigeration.  If the item is not picked up in a timely manner this can be a problematic.

Money Orders

Money orders may be purchased in amounts up to $700.00.

Care Packages

Care package purchases are organized by Residence Life.   Shipping and Receiving handles the distribution.  Students will receive an e-mail when a care package has been processed.  Care package items small enough to fit into a student’s mail box will be delivered to the mail box with no e-mail notice. Students will also receive subsequent notices if a box is not picked up.  After 3 weeks, Residence Life picks up all unclaimed parcels.  Student who have ignored notices will be directed to Residence Life.