Mail Box Assignments

Undergraduate students are assigned a mail box at the start of the school year.  An e-mail is generated from Campus Mail Services to each student’s UST e-mail address stating their mail box number and mail box combination.  This e-mail is sent in late August.  Students who start school during spring semester will get a mail box assignment at the end of January.

Students will keep the same mail box throughout their time at St. Thomas as long as they remain an active student.

Address Format

When mail or packages are coming to campus they should be addressed using this format:

Students Name
Mail Box Number (Mail ####)
2115 Summit Avenue
St Paul MN 55105-1094

When a mail number is omitted form the address, packages and mail are delayed.  It is very important when ordering magazine subscriptions to make sure you give them your mail number.  With no mail number the subscriptions will continue to come in each week or month and be delayed.

Commuter Students 

Students that commute from home are not assigned a mail box.  However, if a student wants a campus mail box they may request one at the UST Post Office.

International Graduate Students

International graduate students may request a student mail box.