Faculty & Staff Information

Sending Personal Mail

Campus Mail Services will pick-up regular stamped letter mail from mail stops and special drop boxes on campus.  The UST Post Office located in the basement of Murray Herrick has three drop boxes, one for regular stamped US Mail, one for Intercampus mail, and another for university mail that requires metering.  The last mail pickup from the Postal Service is at 3:00 pm.  This is last time to get your mail postmarked for the day.

Personal Packages

Student may receive packages on campus.  The campus is their temporary home.

Faculty and Staff are not permitted to receive personal mail and packages on campus.  On August 1, 2014, policy was instituted by the administration, that personal packages would no longer be accepted for faculty and staff.  This decision was initiated due to a significant increases in packages, coupled with limited receiving and delivery staff.  It was determined that mail and packages deliveries should be reserved for university business only. 

University Mail

University business mail may be metered under the departmental index code.  The index code should be written in the upper right hand corner of the envelope.  Some departments have choose to have this printed on their envelopes at the time of printing.  Mail must have a university return address in order to use the departmental index code.  Mailboxes are not intended for personal use by faculty or staff.

Mail boxes are reserved for students.  Faculty and Staff should receive there university business mail at their department location.  Mail boxes will not for personal use.  We suggest using “The UPS Store” or USPS to rent a mail box if you are in transition.

What should I do with mail for people no longer employed at St. Thomas?

It is the responsibility of the department to notify the sender that the individual is no longer an employee.  Mail addressed to the University of St. Thomas and to an individual, that is longer employed with St. Thomas is now the property of that department.  If mail is addressed solely to the individual, the mail can be forwarded by the department.  Mail that bears the markings “Non Profit”, and “Pre-sorted Standard” are not forward able.  These items may be recycled.

Inter-campus mail that is addressed to a former employee will be returned to the originating department so the department has the opportunity to update their records.

Money Orders

Money orders may be purchased in amounts up to $700.00.

Flower Deliveries

Faculty, Staff and Students may receive flowers.  The university has centralized shipping.  What this means is all deliveries are delivered to one location with limited exceptions.  When deliveries arrive, the recipient will receive an e-mail stating your item is ready for pick-up. For flowers not picked up in a timely manner, we will personally call the recipient provided there is a phone number attached to the order.