Address Formats for UST Departments

It is critically important that all incoming mail have the correct format. Here are some examples of correct addresses as they should appear on all incoming correspondence and packages:

John Doe
University of St Thomas
Mail AQU 217
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105-1078

Note that the mail number, (AQU 217) is on the line above the street address- this is important. Also note that there is a space between the letters and the numbers, and there is no “#”, (pound sign) in the mail number. The pound sign causes problems in Banner. AQU 217 is only a sample mail stop.

Departments in Minneapolis 

John Doe
University of St Thomas
Mail TMH 100
1000 LaSalle Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403-2005

Note that the word Avenue is spelled out- this is preferred at UST.

Zip Codes

There are several different zip+4 codes used at UST, so please look at your business card, check with Lisa at the Service Center, (2-6588), or refer below:

All UST buildings in St Paul are 55105-1096 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:
Aquinas Hall, (AQU) 55105-1078
O'Shaughnessy Science Hall, (OSS) 55105-1079 
Owens Science Hall, (OWS) 55105-1080
St. John Vianney, (SJV) 55105-1095
School of Divinity, (SOD) 55105-1094

All UST buildings in Minneapolis are 55403-2005 WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS:
Law School, (MSL) 55403-2015
Opus Hall-Education ONLY, (MOH 217) 55403-2009

When orders are sent to the Service Center for letterhead, business cards, or envelopes, all details and formats are checked, and changed as necessary.

Please contact Leann 2-6587 at the Service Center, or Steve at Campus Mail Services 2-6855 with any questions