Join us for the 2020 Fall Leadership Institute. All St. Thomas undergraduate students are invited to attend this 1 and half day event. More information about this event will be coming soon. Attendees who plan to live on campus for the 2020-2021 academic year will be allowed to move in the weekend before FLI if you register before August 1. See details from last year’s institute below.

When: August 31 – September 1

Where: Woulfe Alumni Hall

 Contact: Jeff Holstein, Assistant Director of Campus Life,


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Fall Leadership Institute 2019
August 26-27

Are you excited to start a new leadership position this fall? Are you interested in learning more about leadership and opportunities for the future? If so, then you will not want to miss the 2019 Fall Leadership Institute! The Fall Leadership Institute (FLI), sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, is a one and a half day leadership conference opportunity for all undergraduate students, including those who are involved in clubs and organizations or are student staff members interested in furthering their leadership development.
This year we are excited to launch a new format that includes a one-day conference that focuses on developing your leadership skills and a second half-day focused on event planning and club management logistics.

If you are living on campus for the 2019-2020 academic year and have registered for FLI before July 29th by 12pm, you will be eligible to move into your room on Sunday, August 25th. 


FLI 2019 Registration


We look forward to seeing you at FLI in August! If you have any questions, please email

oin us for a day of developing your leadership qualities, opportunities to map your leadership path, and time to connect and collaborate with other student leaders on campus. This will not be your typical sit and listen lecture. This day will provide two leadership development workshops in the morning and in the afternoon to give participants the opportunity to practice what they learn in each session.


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"Creating An Inclusive Organization"

Many of us desire workplaces and organizations that are welcoming and inclusive and also free from conflict.  But these two desires can be at odds. Creating truly equitable and inclusive spaces requires us to openly and authentically address conflict and not shy away from discussions that can be difficult, complex, and even scary.  In this workshop, we address common challenges in talking openly about disability, religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, class, and other social identities and practice having authentic conversations around difficult topics.



"The Changemaker Journey"

YOU are part of the largest youth population in human history. That is not just a number large number but rather it is an opportunity to change the story of the world. The challenges in our lives are real and sometimes overwhelming, but so are the opportunities. In this session, YOU will get inspired to unleash your power. YOU will find a problem in your life that you want to do something about. YOU will form teams and explore solutions to those problems. YOU will present solutions to inspire ideas in others. The future gets written by YOU. Are YOU in? 


Whether you are a returning or new leader in your club or organization, the second day of the Fall Leadership Institute provides a one-stop event for you to learn about all of the resources you will need to manage your club. This day will provide an opportunity to cover new or changed policies from the previous year, meet with university staff that you will work with when planning an event, learn how to use the various university systems, and have an opportunity to connect with other club leaders. Here are some of the breakout session that will be provided:


Breakout Session Topics

Successful Club Fundraising  John Bannigan  Learn the easiest way to raise money for your club without spending a dime. This session will show you how to maximize crowdfunding to meet you fundraising goal. 
Self-care for Student Leaders  Emily Erickson  As a student leader, you have likely heard messages to take care of yourself, however making that work in your busy schedule is a challenge.  During this interactive session, we’ll explore self-care strategies that are sustainable, practical, and exist within a community framework of care.  Leave this session feeling better prepared to support your overall well-being.
Using 25Live Pro Brian Woitte Events on campus are more than securing a location. This session will provide you with the best practices to using the university’s systems to request locations, set ups, assistance with technology, catering, parking needs and tips for holding successful events for your club and your guests 
Purchasing & Paying with Club Funds  Dawn Christenson & Jeanine Riley  Learn how to make the most of your club funds through effective purchasing practices. Learn about University policies regarding negotiating and contracting with vendors, appropriate club purchasing, how to get reimbursed for club expenses, and how to purchase goods without using your own personal money. 
Club Funding with USG  Margaret Cahill & Derek Nauman  Wondering how to request funding for your club meetings? Does your club have a conference or competition you are interested in attending? Does your club have a special event that all students are invited to? Come join us to learn about the USG Finance request process through Tommie Link. We will also be available to answer questions you might have. 
Marketing That Matters: Strategies to Create Results Within Your Club  Vern Klobassa & Student Affairs Marketing Interns  At this session, join the Student Affairs Marketing and Communication Team to learn how to recruit members more efficiently and market events stronger. You will walk away with several strategies to feel confident about hosting your next recruitment or club event.

Risk Management: Creating Safe Events  

Bill Carter 

In planning events there are many considerations. Safety elements are often overlooked. This session will review the key safety and emergency factors for event planners to consider in developing their event plan and how to inform your guests of these plans if there is an emergency.  

 Campus Catering Services  Molly Boyne & Becky Chinn  This session will go over the process for setting up an account in NetCatering, food and beverage ordering, club menus and formal banquets and events. 
Tommie Link 101 Campus Life Graduate Assistant  Tommie Link is our club management system that provides new and exciting options for clubs manage their events, marketing, and memberships in an easy to use, mobile-friendly interface. In this training, you will learn how to utilize the many tools your organization has, including forms, events, rosters and more!  
Volunteer Project Requirements for Clubs  Dustin Killpack  Campus Life and Tommies Together Volunteer Center are excited to share information about the volunteer guidelines for student clubs and organizations.  This is a great chance to discover opportunities and resources for your club to advance the common good. 
Club Management: Recruiting, Retention, & Recognition  Jeff Holstein  Recruitment, retention and recognition of members (and leaders) are often three areas clubs struggle with.  Come learn strategies to help you succeed in these areas, in addition to learning from other clubs. 
8:00am – 8:30am Check-in / Breakfast
8:30am – 9:00am

Welcome & Announcements

9:00am – 12:00pm

First Leadership Workshop

  • Speaker: Anne Phibbs - Creating An Inclusive Organization 

12:00pm – 1:00pm Lunch  
1:00pm – 1:20pm Group Picture
1:20pm – 5:00pm

Second Leadership Workshop

  • Speaker: Mentor Dida - The Changemaker Journey
5:00pm – 5:45pm Dinner / Closing Remarks

8:30am – 9:00am Check-in / Breakfast  
9:00am – 9:15am Welcome & Announcements
9:15am – 9:50am Networking Activity 
9:50am – 10:00am Break
10:00am – 10:55am Breakout Sessions #1
11:00am – 11:55am Breakout Sessions #2 
11:50am – 1:00pm

Lunch / Club Meetings / Art Panels

  • "The most valuable thing that I picked up was that our different experiences that have shaped our lives will also shape our communication styles. Sometimes the communication styles will not mesh but rather than getting frustrated we should work harder so understanding is achieved"
  • "Learning to think critically about service and the more long term justice impacts service can have as we look to advance the common good. Service and our tagline can be something easily written off as not controversial, but it really requires that critical thinking aspect in order to truly advance the common good."
  • "I loved being able to discuss different topics with other leaders on campus. It was refreshing to have an open dialogue about lots of different topics.
  • "Most valuable thing I learned from this experience was how aware we need to be as to our choice of words and how we say things.
  • "I learned how to embrace good leadership skills and the power of the mind overall."
We look forward to seeing you at FLI in August! If you have any questions, please email