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Fall Leadership Institute 2020
August 31 - September 1


Are you excited to start a new leadership position this fall? Are you interested in learning more about leadership and opportunities for the future? If so, then you will not want to miss the 2020 Fall Leadership Institute! The Fall Leadership Institute (FLI), sponsored by the Division of Student Affairs, is a leadership conference for ALL undergraduate students, including those who are involved in clubs and organizations or are student staff members interested in furthering their leadership development.
This event includes workshops on leadership skill development and trainings for event planning and club management for student leaders. 


Use the link below to register for the conference.


2020 FLI Registration


We look forward to seeing you at FLI in August! If you have any questions, please email hols6516@stthomas.edu

  • "The most valuable thing that I picked up was that our different experiences that have shaped our lives will also shape our communication styles. Sometimes the communication styles will not mesh but rather than getting frustrated we should work harder so understanding is achieved"
  • "Learning to think critically about service and the more long term justice impacts service can have as we look to advance the common good. Service and our tagline can be something easily written off as not controversial, but it really requires that critical thinking aspect in order to truly advance the common good."
  • "I loved being able to discuss different topics with other leaders on campus. It was refreshing to have an open dialogue about lots of different topics.
  • "Most valuable thing I learned from this experience was how aware we need to be as to our choice of words and how we say things.
  • "I learned how to embrace good leadership skills and the power of the mind overall."
We look forward to seeing you at FLI in August! If you have any questions, please email campuslife@stthomas.edu