Beverage Committee Fund

Beverage Committee Fund

2019 Beverage Fund Request FormSubmit proposals for Spring 2019 term.

To ensure consideration of your proposal this semester, submit your application to Campus Life, Mail #4024 or email electronic copy to prior to Friday, March 8, 2019.


The Beverage Committee accepts proposals from the University of St. Thomas community for the purchase of durable goods that will enhance and benefit the physical and social environment at the University of St. Thomas for students.

Applications will be accepted throughout the academic year from faculty, staff and students.  Complete the application and forward it to the committee for review. If the committee is not clear about certain aspects of the proposal, the requestor will be asked to provide more information.

Please Note: Application submissions that require ongoing funding or maintenance must be endorsed by the budget manager or department head that agrees to fund or maintain the purchased item in order for this submission to be considered by the Beverage Committee. Items are purchased through the Student Affairs Office, the committee will not refund or reimburse items already purchased by departments, clubs or organizations.

Criteria Used to Consider Funding Requests

The committee invites proposals for durable goods with a life cycle of at least three years that will affect a significant portion of the university community. Projects or proposals must enhance the student experience.

If the request is partially funded, and the balance of the funds must be obtained from another source, then the additional funds must be raised within a stated period of time (typically one month) or the funds will be returned to the committee and reassigned to another project.

The committee will not fund anything worn by a person (e.g., uniforms, floatation suits, fencing vest/mask, robes), repairs and maintenance, software or applications, equipment typically leased through IRT or any items that cannot remain with the University (e.g., novelties.) All purchases made through the Beverage Committee are University property. The Beverage Committee will give preference to proposals from student clubs and organizations.

How to Apply for Funding

2019 Beverage Fund Request Form, complete it and then submit an electronic copy to We require a copy, signed by both the requestor and the department head or club advisor.  For consideration for the Spring 2019 semester, please submit your application prior to Friday, March 8, 2019.

If you have questions about the application process you may contact Patricia Conde-Brooks, Chair of the Beverage Committee at or 651-962-6548 or Bisrat Bayou, USG President and Co-Chair at