How To Start A New Club

Take a look on Tommie Link and browse over the 130+ student clubs and organizations that the University of St. Thomas has to offer. If you cannot find a club or organization that fits your interest, consider starting a new club!


Things to consider before starting a club:

  • Is there already an existing club similar to your idea?
  • Is this a sustainable club idea?
  • Is your new club in line with the values and mission of the university?
  • Does the university have the facilities and schedule needed to operate?


The 10 Steps for Starting a New Student Club/Organization on Campus:

  1. Meet with the Assistant Director of Campus Life.
  2. Submit a New Club Registration on Tommie Link.
  3. Secure a minimum of ten (10) organization members.
  4. Secure a full-time UST faculty or staff person to serve as organization advisor. The Department of Campus Life can assist clubs in securing an advisor if necessary.
  5. Draft a constitution, using the Guidelines for Constitution Drafting found in the Club & Organization Handbook. The constitution must include a mission statement describing the club‘s purpose and how it will contribute to the mission of St. Thomas. If the mission or purpose is similar to an existing club or University sponsored organization (e.g. Yearbook, Tommie Media), the club will not be considered for recognition. The University of St Thomas does not recognize newly formed social Greek organizations.
  6. Hold a meeting to elect officers and ratify your constitution. NOTE: Only registered clubs and organizations can reserve meeting rooms through 25Live. Campus Life can assist prospective clubs in reserving a space on-campus.
  7. Upon recommendation for approval of the Student Organizations Committee, your organization‘s application will be forwarded to the Undergraduate Student Government for approval at the next scheduled meeting. A representative of the club should be present to answer questions.
  8. The club president and advisor will receive email notification upon the completion of this process.
  9. Once approved, the club must register with the Department of Campus Life through Tommie Link.
  10. The registration process is complete once the Department of Campus Life receives confirmation from the faculty/staff member advisor.

*Clubs interested in being classified as a Club Sport, please read the Club Sport Appendix A in the Club & Organization Handbook.



  • Must have a minimum of 10 UST undergraduate students
  • 1 full-time Staff or Faculty Advisor (Adjunct Professors may be considered with the approval from Campus Life)
  • Club Constitution
  • All Executive Board members must be in good standing with the institution (not on academic or disciplinary probation). A student in good standing is defined as having a cumulative institutional (St. Thomas) grade point average of no less than 2.00 and no outstanding disciplinary sanctions.