Take a look on Tommie Link and browse over the 130+ student clubs and organizations that the University of St. Thomas has to offer. If you cannot find a club or organzation that fits your interest, consider starting a new club!


Things to consider before starting a club:

  • Is there already an exisiting club similiar to your idea?
  • Is this a sustainable club idea?
  • Is your new club in line with the values and mission of the university?
  • Does the university have the facilities and schedule needed to operate?


The 10 Steps for Starting a New Student Club/Organization on Campus:

  1. Meet with the Assistant Director of Campus Life.
  2. Fill out a New Club Intent Form.
  3. Secure a minimum of ten (10) organization members.
  4. Secure a full-time UST faculty or staff person to serve as organization advisor. The Department of Campus Life can assist clubs in securing an advisor if necessary.
  5. Draft a constitution, using the Guidelines for Constitution Drafting found in the Club & Organization Handbook. The constitution must include a mission statement describing the club‘s purpose and how it will contribute to the mission of St. Thomas. If the mission or purpose is similar to an existing club or University sponsored organization (e.g. Yearbook, Tommie Media), the club will not be considered for recognition. The University of St Thomas does not recognize newly formed social Greek organizations.
  6. Hold a meeting to elect officers and ratify your constitution. NOTE: Only registered clubs and organizations can reserve meeting rooms through 25Live. Campus Life can assist prospective clubs in reserving a space on-campus.
  7. Upon recommendation for approval of the Student Organizations Committee, your organization‘s application will be forwarded to the Undergraduate Student Government for approval at the next scheduled meeting. A representative of the club should be present to answer questions.
  8. The club president and advisor will receive email notification upon the completion of this process.
  9. Once approved, the club must register with the Department of Campus Life through Tommie Link.
  10. The registration process is complete once the Department of Campus Life receives confirmation from the faculty/staff member advisor.

*Clubs interested in being classified as a Club Sport, please read the "Requesting Club Sports Affiliation" in the Club & Organization Handbook.

Here are some strategies for finding a club that may be right for you!

  1. Review the Organization Directory on Tommie Link for the current list of clubs/organizations – are there any existing ones that fit your interest(s)? You contact each club by clicking the "Contact" button on the club's page.
  2. Be sure to attend the Activities Fairs held at the beginning of each semester. You can meet and talk with representatives from over 130+ clubs to discover ways to get involved. 
  3. Stop by Campus Life (ASC 325) to speak with someone regarding your interests.

For more information, contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130

The Undergraduate Clubs and Organizations Handbook contains important information for all club leaders. Please review and discuss with your executive board officers and members. All club members and leaders are responsible for information detailed in the Clubs Handbook, USG Constitution and Undergraduate Policy Book:

  1. Clubs & Organizations Handbook
  2. USG Constitution
  3. Undergraduate Policy Book

For more information, contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.

Clubs and organizations must use on-campus services and/or preferred vendors when making purchase. Please refer to the "Purchasing Goods and Services" section of the club and organization handbook for more information.  When ordering from a vendor, make sure to give ample time before your event or meeting and pay attention to all ordering guidelines and minimum request deadlines.

Clubs & Organizations can order food from the UST On-The-Go menu for a discounted price. Please note, you must setup an account in NetCatering prior to ordering (setup takes approx. 24 hours).  Also, please pay attention to the ordering guidelines to make sure you place your food order in time for your event.  

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130. You can also visit the Purchasing & Payables web site.

As a University club or organization, you are required to manage your club finances in a responsible manner.  A good place to start is connecting with your club advisor or Campus Life to get a copy of an updated balance report and to review your club's previous budget documents.  You can also stop into Campus Life (ASC 325) to get a physical copy of your balance report.

Please note, it is your responsibility to read the policies on Club Accounts & Funding in the Club and Organization Handbook as well as the USG documentation regarding club finances.  It helps to stay informed and discuss any upcoming purchases or expenses with your club advisor in a timely manner, or contact the USG VP of Finance for specific questions about your club finances.     

For more information, please contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or call Campus Life at 651-962-6130 to setup a meeting to discuss and review your club's balance.

Campus Life has many resources to help you with successful event planning.  Plan early and be sure to work with your club advisor.  Please review the Event Planning and Club Accounts & Funding sections of the Club and Organization handbook for information about policies and practices at St. Thomas.  Additionally, if you are planning a trip off-campus, make sure to complete the required forms for off-campus travel.

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.

The University of St. Thomas has a strong commitment to advancing the common good within the local, national, and global community.  Student clubs and organizations support the university commitment through coordinating intentional, meaningful, and mutually-beneficial volunteer project(s) each semester.

The following steps are intended to guide student clubs/organizations with developing their group project:

 1.     Work with Tommies Together Volunteer Center to identify an approved community partner or choose one from the approved community partner list. Clubs must notify the Tommie Together Volunteer Center who your community partner is each academic year.

  • Every student club and organization will elect a Volunteer Coordinator who will be responsible to coordinate the club’s volunteer project and submit the Club Volunteer Reflection Form concluding the event on Tommie Link.
  • If there is already an established relationship with a community partner, please connect with Tommies Together Volunteer Center before continuing.
  • Clubs can also request to add a new community partner to the approved list by sending a request to the Tommie Together Volunter Center.

 2.     Connect with community partner to identify possible volunteer projects

  • Develop a relationship with an approved non-profit organization and work together to identify projects that your group can reasonably commit to during the semester.
  • While planning, take into consideration some factors that may affect the project such as transportation, group’s availability, or potential trainings
  • Don't wait and set a date. It is better to have a date set than wait for your member to let you know when they are available.

3.     Complete project with community partner

  • We encourage all club members to honor their commitments to their community partners and have at least 2/3 of the club’s membership to participate throughout the year.
  • Each student club must complete a volunteer project for the Fall and Spring Semester with an approved community partner.

Please note the following projects are not acceptable

    • Group projects related to, sponsored by or involving alcohol or alcohol vendors are not allowed
    • Any activity related to the proselytizing of a religion or the campaigning for a candidate or policy is prohibited
    • Volunteer hours for BUS200 or any other academic credit will not count as a club’s project.

4.     Reflect on the volunteer experience with your group and submit a reflection form found in Tommie Link.

  • Soon after the event, record your experiences while they are fresh in people’s minds.
  • Only one member from the club needs to submit a reflection form for the club.
  • The reflection must be written as in the perspective of the members that participated and not only from the writer's perspective.
  • Click HERE(Submitting Volunteer Projects) for a guide on how to submit a Volunteer Reflection Form on Tommie Link.


List of Approved Community Partners

Elections are a common practice among clubs and organizations to facilitate transitions from one year to the next. Many clubs will have procedures for hosting a fair election process written into their constitutions.  If you need a copy of your club's constitution, please email ustclubs@stthomas.edu or call Campus Life at 651-962-6130.  If your club has recently completed elections, please be sure to update Tommie Link to reflect your new members and their roles. 

  1. The annual re-registration process starts at the end of spring and continues through the beginning of fall semester. Clubs are required to update their information through Tommie Link
  2. Clubs that do not complete the registration process will not be able to operate as a formally recognized St. Thomas club or organization and access benefits such as reserving space on-campus, submitting digital posters, etc. 
  3. All clubs are expected to maintain a membership of at least ten members and keep the on-line member roster updated through Tommie Link. Student organizations must notify the Department of Campus Life whenever there are changes of officers or advisors during the academic year.
  4. If there is a one-year lapse in registration, an organization must re-apply for recognition according to the procedures for newly formed groups.

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130

A Club Sport is a group of St. Thomas students voluntarily organized for the purpose of furthering their common interest in an activity through participation and competition. Club Sports are strictly voluntary. Club Sports are designed to serve individuals interested in different sports and recreational activities not offered on the varsity level at the university. These interests are competitive in nature, as clubs must compete against a Club Sports team, varsity team, tournament team or recreational team that does not represent St. Thomas.

For more information, visit the Club Sports page, contact kevin.manson@stthomas.edu or at 651-962-6175

Your advisor is a critical component to your club's success. Keeping your advisor informed of your events and activities will help them better support you throughout the school year. The Club and Organization handbook, under "Organization Advisors", is also a good resource for your club and your advisor.

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.

Campus Life has many resources to help you organize a successful club trip.  Please review the Travel and Transportation Policy in the Club and Organization handbook.  Make sure to allow at least 2-weeks for planning and completing the required forms.

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.

Campus Life has many resources to help you with successful event planning including club fundraising. Please review the Fundraising Guidelines in the Club and Organization handbook‎ for specific information on fundraising at St. Thomas. Your club must complete the required fundraising forms at least two-weeks before your event.

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.

Campus Life has many resources to help you with successful event planning, including promoting your event. Refer to the “Marketing & Publicity” section in the handbook.

University of St. Thomas recognized student clubs and organizations, and University of St. Thomas faculty and staff may submit advertising for display on video boards in the Anderson Student Center. Electronic flyers may be displayed up to two weeks (based on availability) prior to specific event or general announcements. Electronic flyers must be submitted electronically via UST Poster Management

As a University club or organization, you are required to use the Service Center for all club printing and mailing. You are also required to use preferred vendors when ordering any items such as promotional giveaways. Make sure to give vendors at least 10-business days before your event (you may need more time than this if it is a special order).

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130. Visit the Purchasing & Payables website for more information on purchasing at St. Thomas.

On-campus space reservations are made through the 25Live online reservation system.  Each clubs and organization member must first activate an account in 25Live before they can place a request for space.  Additionally, club members must be listed as a member in Murphy Online and will be verified before requests are approved by Campus Life.  For more information, please review the Request for Services section of the Club and Organization handbook.

Make sure to plan ahead and reserve space at least 72-hours before your event. If you are requesting IRT, Dining Services and any special set-up involving Facilities Management staff (tables, chairs, etc.), you must plan ahead at least 10-business days before your event (note that you may need more time than this depending on the size and timing of your event. Spring is usually the busiest event season on-campus).

For more information contact ustclubs@stthomas.edu or Campus Life at 651-962-6130.