Planning & Resources


Looking for Dates and Conflicts: 


Reserving Space 

Brian Woitte: or (651) 962-6311 

Kimm Thiboldeaux: or (651) 962-6673 

Facilities Contact: Nichole Boehmke - or (651) 962-6388 


Event Technology

ITS Event Support: 

  • Sound, Audio, Video, Recording, Room Technology 



Campus Catering:

  • NetCatering: to order food for your event
    • 24 hours to create account 
    • Must place orders 96 hour in advance
  • Use Club Index at Summit Market Place 




Parking / Transportation 

Diana Kaardal: or (651) 962-7279 

  • Carter Buses/vehicle rentals
  • Purchase Parking vouchers 
  • Request to parking under ASC 


Entertainer & Speaker Contracts 

Must contact Campus Life if you intend to bring a speaker/entertainer to an event or meeting

  • Needed for any dollar amount 
  • If you are paying them, they will need a W9 submitted 
  • Campus Life needs a minimum of at least a 2 week notice to draft a contract


Showing Movies 

  • Check if you need to have a license for your event 


Purchasing & Bidding

Dawn Christenson: or (651) 962-6381 

Jeanine Riley: or (651) 962-6385 

  • All clubs must use the Preferred Vendor List when making purchases
  • Bidding is required for purchases over $5,000


Ticketing / Check-in 


Risk Management / Public Safety 

Zach Dubois: or (651) 962-5105

Large event logistics, special permits, parking/loading dock, requesting PS/SPPD for events