Clubs and organizations are an integral part of student life at St. Thomas. They exist to provide you with an opportunity to continue your education outside of the classroom. Choosing to be involved is a great way to enhance social, interpersonal, problem solving and many other important skills. With approximately 130+ clubs and organizations you are bound to find some groups which meet your interest.  

Tommie Link is the club management software for St. Thomas.  Watch this video explanation for a brief overview of Tommie Link.

Visit or click the image below to explore the directory of current clubs, events and related news.

Tommie Link

An organization is a formal group of people with one or more shared goals. For recognition purposes, a club/organization must be comprised of at least ten University of St. Thomas students, have a stated purpose, constitution, and comply with university policies and procedures including those outlined in the ‌, USG Constitution and the Undergraduate Student Policies.

Check out the quick links section below for helpful information:


Looking for Dates and Conflicts: 


Reserving Space 

Brittney Quant: or (651) 962-6670 

Facilities Contact: Nichole Boehmke - or (651) 962-6388 


Event Technology

ITS Event Support: 

  • Sound, Audio, Video, Recording, Room Technology 



Campus Catering: 

Becky Chinn: or (651) 962-6065 

  • NetCatering: to order food for your event
    • 24 hours to create account 
    • Must place orders 96 hour in advance
  • Use Club Index at Summit Market Place 




Parking / Transportation 

Diana Kaardal: or (651) 962-7279 

  • Carter Buses/vehicle rentals
  • Purchase Parking vouchers 
  • Request to parking under ASC 


Entertainer, Speaker, or Vendor Contracts 

Must contact Campus Life if you intend to bring a speaker/entertainer to an event or meeting

  • Needed for any dollar amount 
  • If you are paying them, they will need a W9 submitted 
  • Campus Life needs a minimum of at least a 2 week notice to draft a contract


Showing Movies 

  • Is the movie in line with the club event approval policy?
  • Check if you need to have a license for your event 


Purchasing & Bidding

Jeanine Riley: or (651) 962-6385 

  • All clubs must use the Preferred Vendor List when making purchases
  • Bidding is required for purchases over $5,000


Ticketing / Check-in 


Risk Management / Public Safety 

Zach Dubois: or (651) 962-5105

Large event logistics, special permits, parking/loading dock, requesting PS/SPPD for events