Role of Mathematical Modeling in the Enabling Cell Based Therapy: a Technologist's Perspective

CAM Speaker Aravind Rammohan

Speaker: Aravind Rammohan

Date & Time:

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM


3M Auditorium, Owens Science Center (OWS) 150

Abstract: In this talk I will begin by motivating cell based therapy with recent examples of  personalized medicine involving engineered patient’s immune cells. I will explain Corning Life Science’s role in enabling such technologies which have the potential to significantly improve the quality of human life. In this context I will describe the role of mathematical modeling in developing three key technologies i) functionalized microcarriers which enable large scale therapy (> 10 billion cells) in small footprint vessels, ii) interpreting cell based responses for effective design of drugs and iii) fundamentals of functionalized surfaces,  comprising of coatings of synthetic peptide fragments which mimic the intracellular environment.

Biographical Information: Aravind Rammohan, Process Simulation Manager at Corning, Inc. 

See the video of this talk here.

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