The Zero Forcing of Circulant Graphs

Speaker: Alex Bates and Laura Fink (Faculty Advisor: Brenda Kroschel), University of St. Thomas

Date & Time:

Monday, May 2, 2016
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


Owens Science Center (OWS 150), 3M Auditorium

Abstract: Zero forcing is a fairly new concept in mathematical research, with various applications in mathematics, physics, and the spread of information in networks. Zero forcing refers to the process of coloring the vertices on a graph by following a specified color change rule. Topics of particular interest for this research project are zero forcing sets, or initial sets which will eventually force or color all of the vertices of a graph, and the amount of time this process takes. Results of this research include upper and lower bounds for size of the initial zero forcing sets on circulant graphs of the form C[n, {s, t}]. Results also include insight into the specific nature of circulant graphs and proofs for the isomorphisms of certain families of circulant graphs.

Biographical Information: Jim Alex Bates and Laura Fink are University of St. Thomas students.

Video: Click here to watch the video of this talk.

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