An introduction to Fourier transform based 3D imaging with examples from industrial applications

Speaker: Thomas Hoft, University of St. Thomas

Date & Time:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


O'Shaughnessy Science Center, Room 313 (OSS 313)

Abstract for Thomas Höft talk: We describe two imaging modalities used in industry for laser-based remote sensing. Coincidentally, the Fourier transform is central to image formation and reconstruction in both methods. Digital Holography is presented in the context of long-range imaging. Both 2D and 3D imaging techniques will be covered, and we describe an optimization problem which arises when compensating for the blur of imaging through a turbulent atmosphere. Fourier Transform Profilometry is presented in the context of a 3D face-imaging system for biometric identification. The technique is described and illustrated with data from real live humans.

Biographical information: Thomas Höft recently joined the UST Math Department from Tufts University, where he was Norbert Wiener Assistant Professor (a fancy name for "temporary"). His research interests focus on inverse problems in imaging, though he'll work on most anything combining physics, computing, and mathematics. Prior to Tufts, he was a visitor at NIST, and spent the five years before that working in industry R&D at Lockheed Martin Coherent Technologies just outside Boulder, CO. In his "spare" time, he can be found hiking, playing ultimate, banging on drums, or hanging out with his family. He misses the mountains but is glad to be around lakes again.

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